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The Thousand Year Old Sun Fire Lotus

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2 months ago

The deepest forest of Amazon Continent was forbidden place for the human cultivator. This place was very dangerous and where will found a higher tier of beast and there also a rumor that a living dragon live here.

The deepest forest was ruled by the elf, orc, and other highest tier of beast. They have conflict each other but they choose to avoid confronting each other. Once a war between a two race will escalated, the other race will take advantage of the situation and this is the rule of the jungle.

And also, the human race with high cultivation was keeping in eye to their territory and they are the most dangerous being in the food chin structure.

The leader of the cultivator was worried about the situation, whatever happen they must take the Fire Sun Lotus, because it will help their patriarch to extend its life and ascend to a higher level. He thinks, high risk, the more rewards. Even it will equal to their life to achieve their goal and this only a chance for their clan to comeback to the hierarchy in the Amazon Continent.

Arcus was good at footwork martial arts that the Brulle family practices. It was one of top foot work in the whole continent that called 'The Wolf Shifting'. It was only practice by the noble family with highest authority, but he was not included to them, he was treated like a servant in the family, that's why he was secreted to peek when the noble family practiced it in the yard.

That is why, even he was low level cultivation, he was able to escaped from the pursuer. He know the cultivator was have tracker and the only he need to do is to directly enter in the deepest of the forest, even he know their was danger was waiting to him.

The pursuer still enter and follow the track of Arcus, the survival of the clan is the most priority than their life. The cultivator was wonder why the boy they pursue was stop. They thought, the boy saw a higher tier of beast, that is why it was stop from escaping, but they still avoid to confront the boy, because of their doubts, they managed to arrive where the boy was standing. And they was amazed what they saw, their is a lake in the front of them and a small inn the middle of the lake.

Their is also a boy was keep swinging his sword in the yard that almost as the same age of Arcus. Every swing was like a mysteries and it will hit them, they don't know if they can fight head to this sword cultivator.

They step aside their enmity because of the curiously. They never think that in deepest forest was have a place where human cultivator resided or even the other races. Maybe this was the neutral area of Amazon Continent. Only a high level cultivator can enter here and they was accidentally enter in this place.

"Oho! We have new guest here, its very rare for human cultivator to arrive here, Shasa, serve the new customer." The man with full beard in his face, command his elf assistant.

"Yes sire!"

Arcus and the other cultivator was dazed and don't how to response to the manager but they still enter because of their curiosity of what things that inn serve to the customer.

"By the way madame, who is those bot who practice the sword?" Arcus asked, because he amazed by the rhythm of the sword, when every swing, he can able to see the Dao of Sword, even he don't know how to use sword. Maybe because he has rare constitution that even him not aware of this.

"Ah! Do you mean that boy in yard. I don't know either, since he was arrive here, the only thing except to do is to keep swinging his sword, oh I remember, he was companion of the expert. One of our vip guest." The eld assistant said.

"Really? Thier is such expert here? I wonder if ge accept apprentice. If the expert was the one taught him those move, I will never regret even I will become his errand boy."

The assistant was dazed, and she also feel this boy have unflinching determination but he was not comparable to the sword but the only thing that can exert his talent was practicing using bow. The assistant also know he was half elf, but she chose to don't talk about it. Every being has predicament even her and she don't have right to judge the other because no one is perfect.

"According to my master, the expert was benefactor of this inn and I don't know what he have done. The master don't want to talk about it. Don't worry, if the expert will have eye on you, maybe you have a chance to become his apprentice. So good luck."

He so happy, not only he talk to one of the elf but their is high chance that his dream will come true. To have an expert to guide him to the world of cultivation.

"Thank you madame for you time."

This only his chance, not only the human cultivator eyeing to his spiritual herb but he don't know if he can able to go out in the deepest forest alive. He need strong backer to protect his life.

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Written by   153
2 months ago
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