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The Quest And Merit Realm

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3 months ago

The Quest&Merits Realm was a size of the world that I came from. It's is the same to other realms. I simply created this kind of place for the necesary needs that mortal and cultivator demands.

This realm was important to my sect and continent for future development and even outsider merchants can enter here for exchanging goods.

"Hyacinth! Do you want to become overseer of this realm?"


"Don't worry, the only thing you need to do is to manage this place and when my disciple arrive her, I let one of them to become your assistant."

"Mmm okay master. I will live to your trust and take responsibilities to my duties."

"Hahaha! I know it. This job is most suitable to you and if there are things you can't solve, just report it to me."

"Yes master."

"Here the Overseer Badge, it is different from the badge that I gave to the three of you. By infuse your spiritual energy, you can teleport everywhere in this realm and you can control the cultivator level or you can oppress them to avoid any future trouble."

"Of course, you will also recieve merits and it's depend to your capabilities of how you accumulates your merits."

"Thank you master for tge trust and opportunities." Hyacinth said who was so happy.

"Bambei and Maya, come here! Just insert your Void Badge in this hole and let the system to calculate your merits."

"Master, the system said, I have accumulates 10 Million merits." Maya said.

"I also recieve 100 Million merits." Bambei said without imotion.

"Now, next if you want to exchanges your merits, just top the Bottom Rewards."

"Eh why Bambei has very high merits? I can't accept this."


"The system calculation was not wrong, it was depend on your cultivation stage. If you ascend to the Monarch Stage, you can accumulate also 100 Million merits."

"Ah okay, now I understand. Hehehe!"

[Warrior Spiritual Void Stone= 1 Merit

Qi Spiritual Void Stone= 10 Merits

Spiritual Spiritual Void Stone= 100 Merits

Sky Spiritual Void Stone= 1k Merits

Earth Spiritual Void Stone= 10k Merits

Heaven Spiritual Void Stone= 100k Merits

Etherial Spiritual Void Stone= 1M Merits

Emperor Spiritual Void Stone= 10M Merits

Monarch Spiritual Void Stone= 100M Merits

Transcendent Spiritual Void Stone=1B Merits

Void Spiritual Void Stone= 10B Merits

Universe Spiritual Void Stone= 100B Merits

False God Spiritual Void Stone= 1T Merits

God Spiritual Void Stone= 10T Merits]

[Void Fruit= 100k Merits

Spiritual Pet Egg= 1M Merits above

Rainbow Bamboo= 1M Merits above]

"You can exchange your merits for spiritual void stone and the advantages of this spiritual void stone than to the outside spiritual stone was ten times higher of spiritual energy."

To cultivate by using this spiritual void stone was great help for the cultivator to fasten their ascending in the higher level.

"By the way, the Emperor Spiritual Void Stone was equivalent for 5,000 years of cultivation and the Monarch Spiritual Void Stone was equivalent for 10,000 years of cultivation."

"The higher the realm level, the harder to ascend. Sometimes, some of the geniuses was stuck in the Emperor Stage; the reason is the luck of resources, but here, you can continue to ascend because we were not bound by the heaven law but we borrow the Dao law from heaven."

The Heavenly Dao was granted me the power to protect this world, to prepare from invasion. I don't know when it happen, maybe about thousand years. This is enough for the preparation.

"Hyacinth, do you have Spiritual Beast Egg of Dragon? I need one for guarding the entrance of Quest&Merit Realm."

"Ah yes master, I have her, this Void Dragon. But it's not cheap. Hehehe."

"Hahaha, of course, you can exchanges it into merits or void stones."

"I will choose the merits master."

"I don't know the value of this, how about I will give you 100M merits, to exchanges of this spiritual beast egg?"

"Wow! That's enough master."

"Oh! If you happy about it, I'm relieved."

"I leave the three of you here! I need to hatch the spiritual beast egg. Just wait for my call and if there is no problem please avoid to disturb me."

"Yes master."

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Written by   153
3 months ago
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