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The Mystery of the Heavenly Library

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2 months ago

In the vip room, Xion was meditating when the Heavenly Library was vibrating and he was shocked. Because it was the first time it was happen, he thought that something was happen so he was enter in his consciousness sea where the Heavenly Library where found. And there was a golden book floating in the midway, he was curious of what its content. So he open it and he was shock of the introduction, "The Body of Bow".

According to the book, the Body of Bow was a very rare constitution that the Heavenly Bow blessing every ten thousand years, but no one can able to progressed because it was very hard to cultivate and there was no record of scripture in the Blue World that can complement in the Body of Bow and the highest attainment of their cultivation was only in peak of Heaven Realm.

The Heavenly Library was reminded him that this Body of Bow owner must he bring to his side and it was suited to become his second disciple. This situation was not the same when he find his first disciple(Rapier) in the Mist Kingdom. He only accept rapier was because he was suitable to cultivate in the Way of Sword and he was very persistence to learn.

He didn't go out in his room and he only observed first but he already sent message to the manager that let him to roam in the inn, even the manager was curious, he still follow the instruction of the vip guest.

Rapier saw Arcus staring at him a long time and base to his appearance, he was elf. He already saw many elf races when he and his master visited the Elf Kingdom when he visited his friend there. They only arrive at the inn two months ago.

He only smile at the boy and continue to practice his sword. Like only a sword his companion except to his master, he don't to dissapoint him because he know he don't have a talent like the genius in the great sect; only hard work that can he able to show and be patience until to reach new high.

"What do you think of my disciple?" Xion showed up like a ghost while asking this word to Arcus. He also curious of how Rapier will reach his limit in the way of sword. Since he accept him as a disciple, the only thing in his world was continuing practiced hi sword while taking advice to him if he reach his limit and don't know how to move on.

He was shocked, because he never feel that he approach him. The elf how sensitive to their surrounding but he failed to feel his presence when he show up.

"He was good at sword. Every swing was full of mystery, if I'm a swordman, maybe I can able to comprehend the sword he practice, but ever since I hold a weapon, only the bow and arrow that complement to my body."

He said this like he have a problem that can't able to solve. He know of no one able to guide him, he can't able to ascend to higher new level and become well known in the cultivation world. Xion was only become silence when he heard this, he already about his background and what happen to his life.

"Master, please accept as your apprentice. I will do everything even it was equal to my life." Arcus said this while kneeling. He like a beggar to asked food to fill his starving body, he like a cripple asking to heal him and extending his life.

Arcus made him shocked, but he only smile and silence while staring at him. He never know that he was brave enough ask this like he was very thirsty for guidance.

Arcus was nervous while asking this, but he don't have choice because if he failed him to recognize as an apprentice; their will be no hope for his future dreams and revenge. Its only once in a lifetime so he bet his courage to this time.

"Okay I accept you but I only guide you and its depend to your effort of where will you reach. By the way, the Fire Sun Lotus that you have, you can give it to the cultivator that you chased you until here. It was useless to you and to me, it's for their clan survival, if you give them this to them a gift, they will neve forget you or maybe they can help you to avenge your mother in the future."

He was shocked when his master know about the Fire Sun Lotus, especially about his goal to avenge his mother. No one know about this and this is hi secret. The Brulle family was a noble with strong connection and have strong cultivator so one wrong move will turn his life into ashes. Even he was curious, he still choose to enter in the inn to find those cultivator.

"Master, I already give the Sun Fire Lotus to them."

"Good. I can already see what you have capable in the future but it was depend in your effort and perseverance. Accept this bow as my present to you our first encounter. It was called 'the Moon Bow', and this scripture that called 'Pierce the Sun and Moon', that was complement to your body, if you practice this, you can reach the peak of Heaven Realm. If that day was happen, I will teach you another scripture for your breakthrough."

"Thank you master for the gift, I will never dissapoint you for accepting me." He know this kind of treasure was very rare in the cultivation world, especially the scripture.

"Good. You can say hello to your senior. Tell him that prepare the package and we will start our journey to our next destination.

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Written by   153
2 months ago
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