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The Crane Mansion of the Four Castle Kingdom

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2 months ago

In the middle city of the Four Castle Kingdom, there was a majestic mansion that standing almost thousand of years and every corner was heavily guarded by the cultivator. There was also a beautiful landscape of garden and a artificial pond with colorful fish swimming in the water. A statue that represent the history and reputation of the noble clan that erected in the front of the large and grandiose gate.

Inside the mansion was design with expensive jewelry and in the ceiling was have artistic painting that look like alive. A maid was busy for doing their daily chores and a strict guard that shifting their duty every hour. These is the daily life inside and outside of the Crane Mansion.

The gate was open slowly by the guards after hey represent the token for their identity and a ten cultivator entered and rush directly to the bed chamber of the patriarch of the mansion. And they slowly report of what happening their journey to the Amazon Forest. They fell silent when they heard the story, of how they encounter a boy who first found the Fire Sun lotus and they didn't take the credit; they was afraid if their clan will find out the truth. They also told of they chased the boy in the deepest of the forest and enter in the mysterious inn. That they never thought in their entire life, that there was such mysterious inn. An establishment will make you dry because of the expensive service that that inn offers. They also told that all of their money was gone because if they don't pay, they will die in the hand of the mysterious guard that cultivation level that they can't fathom.

Even they meet a bad luck since they entered in the forest until all their money was gone, all of their effort and hardship was success to exchanges for the Fire Sun Lotus; because the boy was approached them and gifted it to them. They thought they will fail their mission but in the end it was success and it was for the survival of their clan. The boy also remind them that in the future will pay visit to their mansion his master.

The Crane Mansion was part of the noble clan in the Four Castle Kingdom beside with the Brulle Family where Arcus came from. They have rich history since this kingdom was founded and they also who was always do a good deed that contradict the other nobles.

The patriarch was bedridden because it was ambush by the assassin, start at that time, the reputation and power that their clan holding was slowly decreasing and waiting to be swallowed by the other clan who was eyeing to them. If not for his cultivation affected to that attack, his clan will not face the humiliation that ended even the lowest clan bully their family.

The alchemy chief of the Crane Mansion was accept the spiritual herb and concoct it into the pill in the furnace. It will help to cure the body of their patriarch and also advance to higher realm. Their clan was cultivated in the Dao of Fire and they have inheritance scripture that passed down from their ancestor that called 'Flame of the King Crane'. It was considered a highest cultivation method in the kingdom and the Fire Sun Lotus was created by the heaven and earth that complemented to their cultivation method.

So if a cultivator who consume of this kind of spiritual herb, it will help them to ascend to the higher level. It was also very rare that almost fire cultivator dreaming to have and also very expensive that fetch a million of spiritual herb in auction house. If a fire spiritual herb will auction, the cultivator will fight to death to buy this, because cultivation was the most important thing.

In this world, only the strongest will be the winner and the weak are loser. So no matter what happen, if you are weak in the cultivation world, even someone bully you, only a few can stand and protect you, because in the eyes of the cultivator; if their is no benefit, they will not care about you. The most valuable was benefit that can alleviate them from the suffering in this world and be protected from the strong because of the money.

After a month, the Crane Mansion was celebrating for the advancing of their patriarch to the peak of Heaven Realm. It was considered as powerhouse in this kind of small kingdom and even in the mainland. The ascension of the cultivator was full of thorn and up and down. They need a cultivation resources that help their cultivation. So many geniuses choosing to enter in the sect because most of the resources was controlled by the sect or the noble families and other organization.

Start from today, the status of the Crane Mansion will return or even ascend to the new higher level and no one will bully them again. And their them will known to whole kingdom or even in the whole Amazon continent.

They vow in the heaven, if the benefactor will knock in their door, they accept him to their heart.

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Written by   153
2 months ago
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