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Juungle 2.0 Flipstarter- Accelerate NFT Adoption on Bitcoin Cash

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8 months ago

Where I started?

Why I choose Bitcoin Cash?

My mom is upset?

The Juungle 2.0

Bitcoin Cash is one of the best cryptocurrencies that I know. Last year, I have sold my BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies in my portfolio so now Bitcoin Cash makes up 95% of my asset. I have may have gained some profit and lost some due to my poor knowledge in trading.

Lately, Iโ€™ve realized itโ€™s never too late to start investing into crypto and I still have a chance to get big if I invest into Bitcoin Cash now. I get a monthly allowance from my dear mother as Iโ€™m still a student, taking up Hospitality Management. I use the money she sends to me to buy crypto and donโ€™t tell her about it. However, she is aware that I am investing in crypto and she would tell me to be careful and donโ€™t risk all of my money.

I told her to not worry about it. Bitcoin Cash is trusted, has cheap transaction fee and behind it are professional developers. I also saw some well-known crypto investors who invested a lot in Bitcoin Cash, @MarcDeMesel , who @Crypto.Maniac describes in a meme her created as โ€œThe Generous to Strangersโ€, and @RogerVer who may know about the real Satoshi Nakamoto. has helped me widen my knowledge about Bitcoin Cash by reading related articles here. Itโ€™s amazing how much time and effort people put into researching about Bitcoin Cash and share them to spread awareness to the community. This is a crucial point because without them putting in the effort to make Bitcoin Cash as known as it is now, we will not move forward to adopting BCH in our lives.

Two months ago, I discovered the Waifu faucet which was shared in and just mindlessly claimed some Waifus. Later on I learned it was developed by JT Freeman. Even at that time, I donโ€™t have a single idea what SLP-NFT or NFT in general is. Iโ€™m a simple man, I saw some pretty girls, so I claimed them. I even wrote an article about them in, My Waifu 2D girlfriend collection.

JT Freeman discovered my article, shared it to his team and later on, introduced me to his team. This was how I started my journey into the world of NFTs. Team

JT Freeman (Backend developer)

  • Waifu Faucet Creator

  • developer services

  • SLP Foundation Co-founder

  • Blockparty Software Consulting

Romit Radical (Frontend developer)

  • Zapit Wallet

  • InstaCrypto

Joey B. Wong (Marketing)

  • SPICE Token

  • Enter The Sphere

  • SLP Foundation Director

  • More than 10 years of experience in television and digital marketing.

Neil Fuccbanks (Design)

  • Top tier front end designer long track record

  • Worked with multiple S&P 500 corps has successfully launched on April 08, 2021 and gained the attention of the Bitcoin Cash community. It also attracted many artists to mint their NFT in the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. As of now, there are 121 collections in

Now, the Juungle Team is on the move and launched a Flipstarter campaign for a more exciting experience! The goal is to accelerate Bitcoin Cash adoption around the world and above all, compete with other NFT exchanges such as Opensea, Rarible and Foundation.

My fellow hunters, traders, collectors and creators are excited upon hearing this big news and are hopeful for the success of the Flipstarter campaign.

โ€œWe will bring a redefined user experience, native mobile app support, a creation tool, a auction system, additional open source libraries for third party developers and finally fully non-custodial smart contract trades on Juungle 2.0โ€

Juungle 2.0 - Accelerate NFT Adoption on Bitcoin Cash (

-Juungle team

Lead image: Juungle team

The marketplace where you can purchase NFTs:

How to mint NFTs?

Wallet that supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH) NFTs:

Telegram channel:

Please follow the Twitter account of Juungle for more updates.

If you have a question regarding the article please post it in the comment section or you can dm me at Telegram or comment to my

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Written by ย ย 142
8 months ago
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Ah sila pala may gawa ng Juungle. Hahaha. Nahihilo pa ako sa mga NFT. Whew. Di ba pwede ang Binance or Coinbase wallet for Juungle NFTs?

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6 months ago

Iโ€™m really excited to this revamp. I hope the minimum pledge will go as far as we can afford so we can contribute to its success!

$ 0.05
8 months ago

Yeah it will success, there's a lot of times left, we need to wait some whale to pledge. This flipstarter will make a new history in the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs.

$ 0.00
8 months ago

I am damn sure it will go to an other level.

$ 0.05
8 months ago

Yeah. I hope for the successful of the flipstarter.

$ 0.00
8 months ago

Ehhhh, excited na iz me for that. I hope mabasa ng mga big people yong flipstarter ano. Sana pati mas kumalat pa ang sa labas ng platform na to.

$ 0.05
8 months ago

Yeah.... I hope too. Para sa ekonomiya .โœŠโœŠ

$ 0.00
8 months ago