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Dao Of Arrow Constitution

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2 months ago

Back to the Blue World, Xion disciple was already in the journey into the Mist Kingdom and one of it was his the second disciple called Arcus. Who was walk in the path of Dao of Arrow and one of the hardest to cultivate and improve their cultivation level but it was different for him who have the Body of Bow, one of the top 100 constitution that existed across the world and the universe.

According to the Heavenly Library, if Arcus don't have this kind of pysique, it's was hard for him to cultivate but it was different if he was have a Body of Bow. A constitution that can help him to improve his cultivation and the most important is, with the Body of Bow, he can able to penetrate the defense of the enemy at the same level but it was different if he have scripture that can able to compliment in his Body of Bow.

He was half elf and half human. His mother was real elf that caught by the human cultivator and sold it to the noble family. The elf was have gift of natural beauty that any man and woman was tempt by their appearance.

His mother was violated by the pervert noble family day and night. She was have unforgettable experienced in her life that she wanted to end her life because the humiliating have they done to her. Even he wanted to commit suicide, he can't do it because their was a slave chain grip in her neck.

After they violated her over and over again, she was pregnant but the elf woman don't want to bear this child. If her race family will heard about this, it will bring trouble to her family and their was a high chance will put her family into lowest level of status, just like herself. So she bear it until she born the infant boy and she take advantage at the time when the slave chain removed from her neck to end her life.

She don't have a choice at that time and their is no one have care at her life. Even she know that the child was innocent but she don't have choice and need to protect her family reputation because the rules of the Elf Kingdom was very strict. She already know the future of her child, even she can't able to raise him, the father of the child will still treat it his own son.

And let her son to know of what her experienced in the hand of his father and noble family in the right time. Either he choose to take revenge for her or not, she still are happy and already accepted of what outcome that her son to to take and path he was to choose and its his own freedom.

Her only hope was when the time is ripe, his own beloved son will found a people will treat him as their own family. She know that he will experience a difficulty in this kind of noble family but it's his own decision to choose path of where he will go.

Arcus was raised in the Brulle family, one of the noble family live in Four Castle Kingdom. He rebelled to his family when he was eight years old when he can't bear anymore the humiliating and being bullied by his own family. Even his father was the patriarch of Brulle clan, he didn't treat as his own son and he knows he don't have future if he stay here. When he learned about his mother, he was furious and wanted to beat wipe out the whole clan. But he know his own limit and he is still weak and easily to trample like a ant.

So at that time, he promised to himself that he will take revenge once he have strength to kill all this noble family. Almost ten years he was wondering in the Amazon Continent and don't have permanent place to live. The only thing he do earn money for his daily life and buy cultivation resources was to hunt monster.

He know how dangerous the forest in the Amazon Continent but he still choose to go there and to avoid to starve. It's because of his half human and half elf, he was harmonized in the nature. That's one of the reason how he can able to slip away s

From dangerous situation, such as, a higher level of monster or beast.

His own primary weapon was longbow. He don't know why he was good at longbow but he heard that the elf was good at using longbow. No one told him how to use it, but in almost ten years of pulling the string of the bow, he already mastered in every way, like positioning and how to be avoid by the shock of the wind or using the power of nature, to let flow the area he lock targeting.

That day, he accidentally, entered a place where a Sun Fire Lotus resided, a thousand years old spiritual herbs; but there are two tier monsters fighting hard within the area and the two was wounded at the same time.

He never thought that their was a monster that have level he can't able to confront in the area where he was always hunting and it's his lucky day because the monster was both wounded and weakend. If this monster are in the peak, he can't imagined for escaping without losing one limb. If this monster can able to eat and absorbed the Fire Sun Lotus, they will be able to ascend to higher level and reach to the peak of 3rd tier level that equal to the Spiritual Realm in the human cultivation.

It's a level, where a monster where can able to evolve into the beast or demon. It's a different level where they only not rely to their instinct for survival but also they intelligent like a human nature do.

He take advantage the monster because of its weaken situation, even he is brave enough, he don't abilities to kill the monster. The only thing his goal is to harvest Sun Fire Lotus that can fetch a high price in the marketplace.

"This spiritual herb will help me to buy enough resources to ascend to the peak of Warrior Realm and food for worth of whole year. I still have lack strength to fight this monster, their still big gap between me in this peak 2 tier monster, thanks to the both of them fighting there selves, I can able to harvest this Fire Sun Lotus. Many flame cultivator will buy this if I put it in the auction."

When he thought there are no danger, he never presume that many cultivator who have encirclements in the area where the spiritual herbs and monster fighting. The nature of his instinct, that telling him, he was in the dangerous situation.

"Oho! I never thought, you still able to tell that you already surrounded by my comrades. Hand over the Fire Sun Lotus and we will leave you with a whole corpse." The arrogant cultivator said to him.

"Daoist companion, I think we have a rule of was first pick the treasure it will belong to them, If you pursue this matter again, the whole cultivation world will laugh at your sect." Arcus said to make the situation eased.

"You have guts child, if we will kill you, no one will know about it. Guys get him and bring the spiritual herbs." The leader of the group said.

Even he tried to tell the cultivator rules, he can't still able to persuades and ease the greed of the cultivator. 'Even I will hand over the Fire Sun Lotus, they still wanted to kill me, the heaven was really unfair to my fate. Lets see if you can able to get something from me, lets go to the hell together'.

"Oh no! He was trying to go in the deepest of the forest, hurray and get him. If he enter in the deep forest, we don't know when we will encounter a Fire Sun Lotus again." He command with worried face.

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Written by   153
2 months ago
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