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Chapter XXI: To Become Hunter

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In the Blue World planet, the dragon was know as a divine beast and one of the most powerful and excelled in magic. The human world thought that they already extinct since the era of war but they didn't know that their still wandering dragon in this world.

They avoid to show in the public because it will only being harm to their life. The dragon was very valuable resources in the cultivation world. Their blood will strength the body, the bone and scale will use to forge an artifact, their flesh will use to concoct pill and their eyes will use in the array as an formation eye.

Since ancient times and even in the whole universe, the cultivator will continue to hunted the dragons. Some use them as an spiritual pet or sold in the underground market or in the royal families.

Even thought the cultivator prohibited them to hunt the true dragon or royal dragon, the one they only hunted is those who didn't have royal bloodline or true bloodline. Only those who didn't have complete evolution and tribulation.

The eight dragon are have true dragon bloodline and Dreg was have royal bloodline. That is why, they will suppressed from aura of Dreg.

"Master, this all the list of the medicine planted in the Medicine Realm."

"Thank you."

"Here the token that indicates your identity as the Medicine Realm. By showing this, you can go and out to the other realm. Except for the prohibited realm and by showing this you can exchanges your merit to the resources that needed for your cultivation. And this Void Fruit, accept this present as our first meeting."

"I know you already know the existence of the Void Tree in this continent, and the reason why you can't go out. By eating this, you can now able to fly in Void Tree formation and you didn't need to afraid the Chaos Aura. And it will also help your cultivation to reach new higher level. You can master your innate talent into the peak."

"The only disadvantage is only one fruit within ten ten years that you can consume, if you eat another Void Fruit, you will explode."

"Thank you master for the gift." The dragon said in unison. They can't believe that they can able to taste the legendary fruit. They already know that their is Void Tree in the Maharlica Continent, but they are afraid to go near the Void Tree, because those place was a dangerous place but also paradise to those who already eat the fruit.

"Every month, starting right now. Collect the medicine fruit that already old and deliver it to the Treasure Realm. I know you already accumulated a treasure from the Medicine Realm, you can't eat it by yourself."

"Yes master, we follow your command."

"Good.I know, you are not only the dragon live here. Just present their name and ability and the dragon child, they need to attend school and learn about the world. It will also help them to attain new understanding about the cultivation world. And Dreg, you will become the teacher, you must teach them according to the dragon teachings. Even you are recently exist from the shell, according to my understanding within your bloodline was flowing the knowledge pass on from generation from generation."

"Don't worry, I will create an academy where only dragon can go there, but their also an occasion that all the disciple of Guardian Sect will have gathering, so everyone must comply and attend."

"You can also go in the Maharlica World that I created but you must hide your identity and your dragon aura."

"Thank you master for the opportunity."

The medicine that listed was some already extinct and unknown in the outside world. This medicine will support the Guardian Sect progress and it can also able to exchange another treasure in the outside world.

The outside world was very vast and even I already live a hundreds years and wandering in this world, only the tip of the iceberg that I already explored. Even in this continent, their still a place I didn't reach. Some forbidden place that I can't reach even within my full ability and some ancient ruin and place, where the ancient families lives. They are very rare to go outside world and they only go if their is important mission or some treasure that show in the part of the world. Those time they only choose to take action and this ancient families was very strong and among the strongest I think is Transcendent Stage. Well, if there opportunity to fight with them, I will grab it.

They have many antique and ancient treasures. If those treasure will attract me, I will steal it to add to my collection.

By the way, I need to meet Hyacinth again for spiritual egg. I need to add more divine beast that will guard every realm that I created.

"Lets go back Dreg."

"Yes master."

I have many plan to built and implement here but I do it bit by bit. Its hard to fast the plan and it will only lead to crumble all of my hard work and become worthless.

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Written by   153
3 months ago
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