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Chapter XVIII: A Terrifying Master

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The three spiritual beast was still can't believe that their master was an existence that they was first to face. They thought that their master was average cultivator, with their aura of Void Stage realm, they can still able to suppress at the same realm.

To think about it, if Hyacinth was choose to focus in cultivation, maybe she already ascend to Void Stage realm or higher level. The reason why she was stuck in Monarch Stage realm, it's because she was busy to her business as a merchant in universe that who love treasure.

Even thought her cultivation was stuck at Monarch Stage, she can still able to escape from the strong cultivator by using her treasures and artifacts, that's why she was confident to herself.

"Don't be afraid to me, we are now a companion that who share the life and death."

'Who was not afraid of you, maybe we will die at your hand.' The three said in their own, who unlucky to met this disaster master.

"Yes master." three said in unison.

"Don't worry, I will treat tou well, if you obey what I commend to the three of you. Of course, if you doing a good job that can move my heart, I will reward you greatly."

"Before I give you a task, I will give you a name that can fit your existence, the name that can resound to the universe and reach the top."

"Thank you master." The three said in unison.

"The Nine Tales Fox, I would name you a Gumiho. It's is a name from my world about the vixen in my past world. I hope you like it."

"The name is awesome master, I like it."

"Mmm you Void Dragon, I give you a name, Dreg. Well, it's a name in my past world. You like it?"

"Yes master, it's a name that you bestow to me so a accept it to my whole heart."

"Oh really, as expected to the the dragon race was really know at good talking. And you Blue Moon Nether Cat."

"Yes master."

" I will given you a name Moana. There is no specific words describe that's was related to your bloodline, I just feel that it was fit you. Do you like it."

"Of course master."

"That' s good to hear."

"Oh by the way, I know you already reach this kind of cultivation level, but why not you transform into human form."

"Mmm master, we still not use to it. For the whole of our life, we cultivate to our own original form; so we didn't use to it."

"I see, but you must practice to human transformation, because it was related to your task. Okay, you can come out now to my consciousnes, you need to familiar to your home now."

"Master, this place?"

"Oh Dreg, you already know what place is this, as expected to the dragon who familiar of space."

"You praise me so much master, but why this place has so much spiritual energy?"

"Oh! You are curious about this place! This realm was I created recently and this place where I will stay and cultivate in the future, I used some remnants of Void Stone to help to absorb the scattered spiritual energy in the void."

'When the three hear it, they think their master was joking. They know that only a god level can able to create such realm or the Dao they cultivate was reached to the second phase. Like fire, if it reach the second phase, they can able to create a small realm to leave their inheritances.'

Even their master know what they thinking, he still not bring it along. Even him, can't believe to create such realm. He only though, it was only the beginning. They can use to it in the future.

"Accept this token, it's guardian identity for every realm I created. Gumiho, you are the guardian in Guardian Palace, while Dreg will be the Guardian of Quest&Merit Realm. Mmm Moana, you have unique abilities, maybe you are suited as guardian in Assassin Realm. Oh, take this Void Fruits for each of you, it can help your cultivation. Mmm I leave you three here, I will choose one of you to go out with me in outside world."

"Thank you for the gift and opportunity to serve you master." The three said in unison.

Although they can't believe of what happening from the beginning, they still choose to shut their mouth and accept the reality. The most thing they can't believe was this fruit, a mythical fruit even in the immortal world. Many cultivator have dream to eat this fruit but no one have ability to pick the fruit because it was dangerous and Void Tree also was not friendly. They learned it from their memories that past down to their bloodline from their ancestor.

In the front of them, there are three mythical fruit with full rich aura and vitality.

Only now they believe that their master was have abilities to create such realm. And the most shocking thing is, it was the hardest Dao in the cultivation world that reached second phase, the Dao of Space. Not only Dao of Space, but there still others. They thought, he was a living God, in his consciousnes sea, thier is some remnant Dao that still not reached at second phase but it was in the peak. And the other five Dao at the center of consciousnes sea, are reach in the second phase.

They was terrified now that they realized the truth. So they promise, they must oblige to obey of what their master decree if they want to still alive. Only an idiot want to defy the master order.

In the immortal world, they are belong to the powerhouse that look up in the top of cultivation society and they have the ability to mobilize and order the cultivators. In the immortal world, their word and power was a rule, but here, they are only a guardian that oblige to obey their master decree.

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