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Chapter XIX: Guardian of Medicine Garden

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I know this preparation was still not enough to face the future trouble and next thing I need to do is to subdue the Medicine Realm guardian.

When I first arrive her, I still choose to avoid those guardian but now, with help of Dreg, the Void Dragon, we can easily to suppress them and create a new contract for them.

I know they are anxious of why the Medicine Realm was separated to this world but they didn't take action. I think they already know, that the new owner was already occupy the Maharlica Continent.

This continent still have many secrets that I didn't not discover, like their is monster and beast society that inhabited in this place. I didn't create trouble for them but I also give them a new opportunity because the are part of my territory.

I need to go to my realm and bring the Void Dragon to the Medicine Realm. "Dreg, come with me. Oh you look handsome in your human transformation."

"Thank you for the praise master." Dreg said who was still not to used, if his master is front of him. The feeling that he is only an ant to the entity and the only thing he need to do is to be humble, even his species known as prideful.

"Gumiho and Moana, you can go now to your corresponding place and be familiar with it. If you have something, you can directly ask me. I already arrange where you cultivate in the realm that I given to you. Oh by the way, you look beautiful in your human transformation."

The two girl was have reddish cheek when they heard it, and they are shy to how to response to their master.

"Thank for the compliment master." The two girl said in unison. They now know, that even their master was a terrifying entity, they feel he was kind. In his kindness, their still lingering darkness that can bring calamity to those who opposed him. So they decide, that what ever happen, they don't bring those disaster in the future.

"Oh before you go to the corresponding realm, you must visit first the Quest&Merit realm. You greet your companion there and to know its other. Lets go Dreg, you need to exercise a bit."

"Yes master."

The Medicine Realm have eight guardian, because it have biggest territory and one 9f the backbone in ancient time. The medicine and fruit that can found there was hard to see in outside world or already extinct.

The guardian of Medicine Realm are, Frost Dragon, Hydragon, Bone Dragon, Forest Dragon, Fire Dragon, Wind Dragon, Sand Dragon, Poison Dragon. They guarding the corresponding area like snow, mountain, volcano, forest, water and sky.

The dragon are hard to subdue and they never to surrender to human. Even the ancestor subdue them, the dragon was still reluctant to obey them but I'm not as a cultivator. The Heavenly Library taught me the Dragon Chain, a skill that can totally subdue them and create another contract with me.

If I can contract to the eight with them, my consciousness sea will expand and become stronger. So it's my opportunity to help me to the new level of my power.

At that time, that someone broke into my consciousness sea, they will become my food and make me more stronger.

When the two of them enter in the Medicine Realm, the guardian was anxious, because of the aura that release by Dreg. And everyone was go out at the same time to their lair.

They want to pay respect to their ancestor,. The reason is they feel that the dragon who inter in the realm was have a royal blood. The Dreg aura can easily suppress their bloodline and even they fight, they still don't have chances victory to their side.

The most thing they need to do is to know of what the sudden reason of the visit and the most thing is the familiar aura of the dragon companion.

It's the aura that created this realm and separated from original world. The lingering fear they feel that time is repeated now. This kind of they, they don't know it's a opportunity or calamity.

They are afraid that their existence will vanish in this world if they make mistake in this entity. Who would thought that this kind of living being was existed. Even in the ancient time, it's hard to create a realm and it's needed a thousand time to calculate everything if they don't want something happen to their work.

If their a mistake while creating the realm, their is a chance the realm will be destroyed or sink in the nothingness; but when the Medicine Realm was created, it's only finished within a few days. And the most terrifying is the realm was created with strong foundation and without mistake.

That day then, the Medicine Realm was emitted with strong rich spiritual energy. Then their cultivation was even faster and within another year, they can broke through to another level.

So they decided that when this entity will visit again, they must pay respect, specially now that the aura of this being was improve and become most terrifying that they ever know.

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