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Chapter XII: Hatching The Spiritual Beast Egg

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The Spiritual Beast Egg was very hard to hatch, that's why very few people who hatched a beast egg. Since ancient time, the people who have ability or luck to have an infant beast, they are one of known cultivator. The beast will share life and death experience with their master.

That is why, today we have called beast tamer. Just like of one of my disciple who success to hatched the Golden Eagle. He was found it in the abandon nest, although their are three of beast egg, the two was already lifeless.

Maybe, because those egg become special, it was alone have vitality and struggle to live. I think the mother of those egg didn't want to abandon its nest, perhaps it was caught by the cultivator or died during to fighting another beast.

I already familiar with hatching beast egg. I taught also to this to my disciple. The first thing you need to do is to hatch it on your consciousness sea. So when they hatch, the beast will already recognize you as its master.

Of course, you still need to have the life and death contract, to protect its other through happiness and sadness using the blood essences.

Every being has own feeling, just like the human. It's same for the spiritual beast, they also need companion, to understand their problem and needs.

Once you already contract with the spiritual beast, you can able to talk to them and understand what they say. You can also to use their ability to understand what the other spiritual beast said.

The only disadvantage by raising a spiritual beast was its need a resources for its cultivation and evolution. For every evolve of spiritual beast was need different resources. So those beast tamer either rich or powerful, that they backing to their own needs.

For me, resources didn't problem. I can raise of many times that I want. But, I only want a special spiritual beast, very rare or already extinct in other world.

I know this three spiritual beast that from Hyacinth was already accumulated enough years to advance to its hatching and time is right now.

Sometimes, the spiritual beast egg who don't have master will not choose to hatch if they are in the place with full of spiritual energy. Just like the dimensional space that Hyacinth to use to store her treasure, it was rich of spiritual energy and full of vitality.

While they still in the egg shell, they already starting to cultivate. Even it's million years, once their was have enough energy to absorbed, they still choose to stay and don't go out. Also, the inside of egg shell was also a dimensional space.

Now, this three spiritual beast egg was inside of my sea of consciousness, they will hatch at the same time to greet me as thier master. I know this beast was prideful but they don't have ability to show off in the fron of me.

I don't know how many years they are inside in the egg shell, but I feel they are the same level of Bambei and Hyacinth or maybe its higher level. I'm only at monarch stage but according to Heavenly Library, I can able to fight toe to toe at False God Stage level.

It's only the time when I cultivate the Dao Of Time and with the help of Black Bamboo. If its the time when I'm in Emperor Stage, I'm afraid, I will struggle to oppressed this three monster.


"Finally, the three of you already choose to go out."

'The three spiritual beast was shocked to encounter an aura that suffocating them and sweating their whole body. They never though, that their master was a monster among monster.'

"You there, how is the feeling to finally go out and saw the outside world?"

"Mmm I.... I greet the master." The Blue Moon Nether Cat said who was shaking to speak.

"We greet the master." The two said in unison.

"Ahem, this is my consciousness sea, and from now on, you can stay here to cultivate. I know your special bloodline, that's why I choose you. I don't know it was blessing for the three of you, but once you follow me, you can able to stand in top of universe, so you must considerate before you answer, do you want to follow me through life and death, and kill the enemies who block our path? Just say yes, and we will establish the contract."

"We will follow you master through life and death." The three said in unison.

Since then, they start to establish the contract but the they shock when they discover their master was only at the Monarch level, and they also curious why they feel that their master can easily kill them. Even they discover their master cultivation, they still choose to silent and its better to don't ask, because it's something that they don't have ability to face the wrath of their master.

They think, that they are the unlucky who have master who can kill them an instant. They regret that they must go out form the shell, before they this monster master, but everything already set in the stone and their is no turning away.

It's because of their special bloodline, they can tell of what is dangerous, just like their master. The only thing they need to do in the future is to obey of their master desire.

'The ancient spiritual beast have knowledge running through their bloodline and this is their speciality and advantage that to the average spiritual beast. I didn't belittle those average spiritual beast because even a fish who patience was become a dragon through their effort. I only said that those who have special bloodlines have advantages, it's knowledge.

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Written by   152
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