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Chapter XI: The Mythical Plant

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Almost one and half-year, I don't know what the two doing. Oh they improved a lot, they really surprised me, but what they are doing? I forgot that they cultivate in the world I created and I think it didn't disturbed them.

"You two! What are you doing?"

"Oh master, when did you arrived? You scared me to death." Maya said who was shocked because she didn't feel her master arrive.


"Master, after cultivating, we stroll around because this place was changed a lot; like newly born world and we discover some species that didn't exist in this world."

"Let me see."

"Here master, when we discover this, it was escaped so fast and teleported thousand kilometers. We thought we can't capture it but it was stopped then you arrived."

"This beast is really not exist from this world and this is the first time I encountered. And look, it was wounded, did you attacked it?"

"No master, its already wounded when we discover it."

"Okay, I think it was escaped from calamity or their are wanted to capture it but they didn't escape."

"Master, it look like afraid to you."

"Mmm yeah, but I didn't do anything. Maybe this beast thought that I will capture her and surrender to those who wanted to captured her."

"Master, do you know what kind of beast is it? It was resemble dragon but I didn't oppressed from its aura."

"You are wrong, this is not its true form, it was a Void Hyacinth, it was an mythical plant that only exist in ancient time. In my deduction, it was discovered by the cultivator in the space and they try captured it but it was able to escape. It has extraordinary innate ability like Shape-shift and can able to teleport. And also, to those who can capture it, will have infinite spiritual stones. But I never thought it was enter to my territory." Thanks to the Heavenly Library explanation, so I can answer them.

"Really master, this treasure was given to us by heaven." Maya said who have fantasy that she become rich.

"Don't rush Maya, even if you capture it, the spiritual stone are no use to you, except if you use it to buy treasure in outside world."

"So master, this treasure is really useless to us, how about we give it to the cultivator who want to capture it and exchange for treasure."

"Mmm. It was possible."

While they talking, the Void Hyacinth wanted to vomit blood. She was treasure born from heaven, but here she was useless. She really wanted to cry and she don't want to become slaves to those greedy cultivator. Even if she wanted to escaped but she was afraid to the man they called master. She thought that she is front from the deity that can easily destroy and capture her.

"Hey, why are you look not feeling well? By the way, how did you manage to enter in this world? Just tell the truth and no one will harm you."

"Master, why did you asked like that, I think it can't understand our language. Just let me ask her."


"Tsang tseng tsing tsong tsung?"


"Ouch! Why did you hit me master?"

"Stop joking around and don't talk nonsense."

"I give you a chance, if you didn't answer, I really give you to those greedy cultivator and show your real form."

"Mmm okay. I manage to enter here half year ago, during that time, I was chased by a big organization who covet my treasure. I tried everything to escaped because I can't able to fight them but they already planned everything and they set sealing array so I can't able to teleport. When they try to capture me, a void turbulence suddenly emerges and I was caught by the vortex. And after that, I don't know what happen then I wake up her. I try to escape in this place but something repelled me and those two."

"Mmm. So when I created this world, a phenomenon will emerges in the void or it was coincidences. Maybe I need to careful next time. And what your planned now, do you want to live in this place?"

"Mmm do you really not wanted my treasure?" She is really nervous while asking.

"Mmm, if you are in the outside world, many cultivator will covet to your treasure, but in my territory, we used another spiritual stone, so it was no used here."

"So I really useless here, even I'm one of the mythical plant." She was really sad when she heard those word "useless".

"Don't be sad, maybe it's fate to us that we meet, why not treat me as your master, I will do everything to protect you and no one will harm you."

"Mmm, if you really not coveted my treasure, I will accept you as my master. I pay respect to my master." She was kneel down to pay respect.

"Oh stand up, don't do it in the future, just talk like we know each other for long time. Here, take this as my gift for our first meeting and this one."

"Thank you master, but this Purple Bamboo is one of the legendary indestructible weapon. Master, this treasure, I don't deserve it. And this stone, no it's not a ordinary stone but the Void Stone that already extinct, master, this treasure why their is full and very rich of spiritual energy, if I absorbed it, I think I will breakthrough to the peak of Monarch Stage. Master, I think I don't deserved it, if I didn't not exchanges into another treasure, I become ashamed to my ancestor."

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Written by   153
4 months ago
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