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Chapter VIII: Building The Sect

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When I arrive in this world, I experienced and learned the truth of how the cruel life between the the mortal and cultivator. The mortal experienced discrimination by the strong people who always bullied the weak.

They always said, "being a weak is a sin" but I don't believe it. Even weakest species have importance in this world. If they don't exist, the world is incomplete. What is the reason to this world existence if all species are strong. Even being a mortal is weakest among the species, there's no need to discriminate and bullied them.

They endured the humiliation that they experienced but they still strive to survive in this cruel world. They protect its other, they shared food but sometimes the other tired to do this so they choose to become slaves for the strong.

Even their is thousand strongest sect who aimed to protect the weak, but they afraid to make an enemy to the strong cultivator. They don't afraid to bully the weakest sect because they feel they are strong.

That is the reason why I wanted to create a sect where everyone are equal. Where the cultivator and mortal will helps its other.

These days, the Guardian Sect will bring peace in this world and destroyed the greedy people and punish them for their own sins.

'After thousand of years, the ancient palace still exist and still stable. The design of the outer layer is unique and the most interesting is the stone that the ancestor used was void stone. I don't know how many of ancient people who proficient in the Dao of Space to built this kind of palace. When the Dao of Space is easy yo learn?'

"Bambei, did you remember the people who proficient in Dao of Space?"

"Sorry master, when the time I have consciousness, the palace is already exist."

"It's okay. To my calculation, there are only five ancient people who proficient in the peak Dao of Space; and one who master the first stage of Dao of Chaos, I think he/she the master of those five ancient people."

"Master, how is that possible,why there are so many who master the Dao of Space, when it was become easy to learn?" Maya said.

"Yeah. I'm not wrong to my observation, I think it's innate talent or they are early expose in the Dao of Space or because of their master. Lets forget about it, we must focus to how we build our home now."

"Master, I think you are only the one who capable to create such as palace." Maya said.

"You are right, because Im handsome and strong."

"If the heaven annoyed by your boastful, you will strike by thousand lightnings."

"Hahahaha. Okay. Okay. Maya, you must consolidate your cultivation and within one year, you will ascend in Emperor stage, take this time to cultivate yourself and Bambei, you already in the peak of Emperor stage, try to cultivate and ascend into Monarch stage and take this Chaos Fruit, it will help you for your cultivation."

"Within one year, I think it is enough to rebuild this place, so do your base and if you success, I will reward you."

"Thank you master." Bambei and Maya said.

"Okay, go now, I will start my works."

"Goodbye master."

The first I need to do is my dream floating palace and I will create a secret realm. I already created the Medicine realm and the only thing left is how will I connect it to the floating palace. This is also perfect for my practice to master the Dao of Space and Dao of Chaos and if I reach in the peak of Dao Chaos, I think, I will ascend into Emperor Stage.

This was a blessing in disguise, and the opportunity I must grasp. I need a safest place that can able protect my people and I need to become stronger; so no one can take this place to my grasp.

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Written by   153
4 months ago
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