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Chapter VII: The Ancient Medicine Garden

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This continent was really wide, we travel almost a month but still cannot see the artificial island. After we crossed the Rainbow Bamboo Formation, another forest that we need to bypass. This forest was unusual, but I realized this forest is the ancient medicine garden.

So I checked again the map of this continent and find out the answer of my doubt. The artificial island was sorrounded by the forest, pond, desert, iceland, river, mountain and volcano. This place is the paradise of every alchemist dreaming that all kinds of medicinal plants and tree where can found.

If the outside world will know about this, they will do everything to conquer this continent. This is a huge impact for the cultivator who coveted a treasure.

I think I need to sealed this area for the time being for the safety of my disciple and the human and monster society that will belong into my territory in the future.

"Maya! Bambei! Just wait here, I have urgent to do."

"Yes master." They answer together.

"Maya, why is master was anxious and look like he was worried for something."

"Shhh! You don't need to worry about it. Did you see when master holding a map?"

"Yeah. Why is that?" She was confused of the question of Maya.

"It's because, master wanted to sealed this place to avoid any dangerous that will harm us and this continent. How should I say this? Mmm the place that sorounded the artificial island is a medicine field, if an outside world cultivator will know about this; it will bring harm not only to us but in this world. The greedy people will fighting to death to conquer this place. Even though, master was very strong, he don't want to kill an innocent people. Even you, if someone discover your existence, they will covet and do everything to kidnap you and put in the furnace to forge a weapon."

When Bambei heard this, he was shock to know the truth of this world. Particularly herself also will bring harm to his master.

"Maya, why master brought me here if I will bring destruction in the future?"

"Master has his own consideration. Maybe has his own plan and only you can help him. Don't worry, master will protect you and also he will teach you a skill how to disguise."

"Oh really, I will have faith to my own master. By the way, did master teach you a disguise skill?"

"Mmm not yet, maybe before we go outside world, he will teach us."

"Okay. So we really go to outside world?"

"Yeah. My master have disciple in the outside world, after he settle down everything here, he will go to pick up his disciple; I don't know if he will bring us."


"Oh master, are you done to your business?"

"Yes. Mmm I sealed every medicine garden and separate theme into a realm. So this place, I name it a Forest Realm."

"How we will find the exit master and how we can able to locate the other real of medicine?"

"Oh the thing is very complicated, I combined the Purple Bamboo and Void Stone to create a special key to locate the place and to be able to exit."

I combined the two heavenly treasure so no one can't discover it. Now everything is done, so the next destination is the artificial island.

After we exited in the realm, the only thing we saw is the artificial island where the ancient palace where founded. At last, I can execute my plan for built a sect and for the resting area of my disciple. But before I bring them here, I need to add something here.

I will create small world or realm of Guardian World, Auction House Realm,

Alchemy Realm, Forge and Crafting Realm, Assassin Realm, Beast Tamer Realm, Guest Realm, Culinary Realm, Mortal World, Prison Realm, Poison Realm, Library Realm, Ghost Realm, Arena Realm, Formation Array Realm and Art Realm.

I didn't add the Medicine Realm, because I already created it and I will choose a trustworthy person to handle the medicinal plants and trees.

Even the realm of medicine have protector like in the pond; I discovered that their is Hydra guarding this place and also the iceland where Frost Dragon living.

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