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Chapter lV: The Heavenly Tree

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How long we travel in this mountain, Maya is already exhausted and at last we reach the end of mountain and I can see the the new world that waiting for me.

"Maya, are okay? Don't worry, you will recover after we reach the exit."

"Don't worry master, I feel my spiritual energy is recover a little bit."

"Oh you also felt it, yeah, we already arrived, look at what in the front of us. This is a new world where we will settle."

"What a rich energy, master, my spiritual energy is recovering faster and my exhausted body feeling better. I feel like I swimming in the pool of Heavenly Pond."

"That's good, if a normal person will live here, they will become a cultivator. This place is a treasure that the cultivator dreaming. Wait a minute, I need to seal again the hole we made, the reason why the spiritual energy here was rich, it's because of the mountain."

"Eh why is that? Do you mean this mountain is a kind of formation that sealed this spiritual energy?"

"Yeah, you are right. The ancestor is really great, they gave us a treasure land that everyone committed."

"Okay lets go."

"Master, I feel someone watching us, but they are afraid and they are Emperor Stage."

"Let them be, they are the citizen of this place and they don't attack because they are afraid of me. Hahahahaha."

"I'm proud my only master who always boastful."

"I really telling the truth. By the way, don't leave behind me, if you don't want to such your energy by those tree vine."


"Master please help, what are this disgusting vine, they suck my spiritual energy."

"Hahahahaha. You see that, why the vine attacked only you? This vine is one of the cultivator nemesis, they will suck your spiritual energy in a minute and you will turn into skeleton. It will help them to nourish their roots."

"Master, stop explaining, you can see I will die in a minute. Huhuhu."

"Relax, I only teasing you, you can't die If I'm here, I will coat you with my spiritual energy. After they releases you, you will recover in a seconds."

"Thank you master, it really scared me. Why this vine can't burn even I exhausted my Dark-Red Flame?"

"Hehe. Don't understimated this tree. No matter how beautiful this tree, they are ferocious. The called Chaos Tree, it was originated in another world. The reason why they are ferocious and sensitive, it's because they protected their fruit. Even hundred thousands years was passed, the fruit are non-perishables. A truly one of the greatest tree treasure."

"Wow, so can I have one master? I think it was very delicious."

"Oh! Okay, taste it to your heart content."


"Hahahahaha! How is it? It taste good?"

"This. This fruit is nasty, why they called it greatest treasure if it taste like this?"

"Hahahaha! Do you think all treasure from heaven are delicious? You're wrong, the taste is bitter but the reward is great."

"I don't feel anything. Why you look at me that like you feel pity on me? I really need to eat all of this?"

"Of course, I telling you, the benefits that will you receive from eating this fruit can't measured. First, if you eat the fruit, you will never afraid to climb to the tree because they trait you a friend and the most important thing is you will reach the peak of your abilities and ascend to the higher level. What do you think?"


"Oh you already done eating it? How do you feel?"

"Master, I feel I broke through to the peak of my Dark-red fire. I felt like my spiritual energy is boundless."

"Oh you look so happy, congrats for having reach the peak. Your flame now is extremely hot, I'm afraid only few cultivator can able to defeat you at the same level."

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Written by   152
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