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Chapter 30: The Truth Behind The Master Of Maharlica World

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They was shocked and scared to death when they saw the monstrous beast that levitating in the air. It was exuded with suffocating aura, impenetrable scale, fang that can able destroyed everything and a wings that can able to travel the void. It's a real dragon.

In the outside world, there are legend about the mythical beast but it was only existed in ancient times and almost of the mythical beast of Blue World was almost extinct since Universe wars was occured. There was only bloodline left in this world but not fully awakened.

This in front of them was totally a real dragon, one of the mythical beast that looking down from the top of pyramid to the other beast. They are one of the so called supremes beast that can able to command the other ferocious beast.

When the dragon saw the void token hanging in the waist of Xiao patriarch, he cease his killing intent, he know that this human was sent here from his master, but he still only staring at them and waiting for to show the token. He don't want to lower his pride, he was the mythical beast, except from his master, no one can able to earn his respect.

"My lord, the guardian of this place, please allow me to introduce myself. I'm the patriarch of the Xiao family and this token as the identity that show that master help us to go here, as his command, he said we can settle here by the help of the guardian of this place." He was trying to tell in a humble way how he meet the master.

"Oh! You meet my master. That's good that their are newcomer coming from outside world and this world that created my master will become lively. He said he will meet his disciple but I wonder when he was return. You can choose a place where your family where to live and this world was abundant of resources and rich of spiritual energy where ever you go. Once you settled you place, you can't able to change it anymore. It was rule created by my master and those who crossed the line where will punish in accord to their wrong doings. And also, their is place was prohibited to set foot and it was declared by master as a forbidden area. Did you see those tree, where ever you go in this world, this tree was represented as the center of this world and the forbidden place. No one can allowed to trespass, one hundred miles away from the Ok Tree."

"Thank you lord the for the guidance."

Even though after the dragon leave, they still scared of the presence of that kind of monstrous beats. They never thought that the owner of this continent was have spiritual beast. It remind them the two companion of thier master when they meet them. Especially the Golden Roc, they can't able to measure its cultivation level. The only thing put in their mind was, the dragon was is not a simple, it must be strongest than the Golden Roc. Even those the red lollie was far stronger than there own protector.

So this place was some many secret, especially the Ok Tree that the dragon said. The monstrous branches that cover the sky and even look like it was infinite that penetrate into the void. To think about it, in the Skull Realm that created by the master was also doing by a great deity. They can't also measure the cultivation of their master, he was very mysterious, they also didn't heard about their master across the whole Blue World even they have connection. The only thing flew in his mind was, their master was choose to be a low profile and to avoid worldless desire.

If their master was said that within 100 miles away from the Ok Tree is a forbidden area, they must follow it to avoid the wrath of their master. They was only frog in the well that looking in the sky at the same place. The frog thought that the sky he only saw was only the place existed, the frog in the well didn't thought that outside of the well, their was a vast sky the naked eye can't ever measure.

In the Empyrean Continent, they was a prominent family and they respected by the other families and the royal family. And this place, they are only a ant that can't able to calculate of great the world. Of how vast the Blue World and how this world existed within the the world. A question that was very hard to answer, he know it was only in the start and there still space and thing that their master that neve show.

This information was very great and it was hard to come up and need enough time to digest. So when the time comes, they can able to adapt the surrounding. They must also focus on their own cultivation.

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Written by   153
2 months ago
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