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Chapter 29: The First Pioneer of Maharlica World

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I wonder what the results of the meeting in the Xiao Manor, even though the other elder will not agree; I know the patriarch will bring someone who loyal to him. Oh here he is!

"How was it?"

"Master, the elder and the protector was agree and we already prepared for the departure and all we sold our property and treasure that don't have any value."

"Oh I see, just call them all and I will send you to the Maharlica Continent."

"Yes master."

"Mmmm wait! After you arrive in the continent, show this identity void token to Dreg, he was the guardian of Maharlica World. And he will help your family for the settlement."

After he recieve the token, he was shock because can't figure out of what properties was made this token. It look like a stone but he think, there was hidden secret within the stone. He didn't know that void stone was equal to the spiritual stone that use by the cultivator if they meditating and cultivating and also the lowest form of void stone.

"Master, we already prepared."

"Oh okay."

When the Xiao member saw their patriarch called master the young man, they was confused. Its hard to believe that their patriarch was very humble to this man. They was thought, they are dreaming or maybe the world was upside down. They know what characteristics their patriarch have, even if he face the royal family or the leader of organization or a sect, he never bow down.

Unless he was the master of Maharlica Continent that he was talking about. The master of Immortal Golden Skeleton that the cultivation was stronger to their protector, a monster that can able destroy the continent overnight.

They was scared when they thought about it, they can't also see what realm of cultivation this young man have. They was also shocked when they saw the companion of the young exuded with oppressing aura, the small girl at the peak of Emperor Realm, The other young girl with Mid stage of Monarch Realm and the man who has sharp eye that looking down on them like they are ant and they can able to measure what realm he have.

They try to use their spiritual energy but they was failed because there is barrier blocking their spiritual energy, if they continue, their realm will regressed, because it will devoured by the barrier.

"I am the master of Maharlica Continent, I already of what the goal of Xiao family since it was founded, now the opportunity was within in your grasp, you must do your best for the development of our continent and the Xiao family will be the pioneer of Maharlica World that I created recently. And I will give opportunity to the Xiao Family to manage this world and of course their is merits for every achievement you have done. After your reach the continent, I already told your patriarch to show the token to the guardian of the Maharlica World and he will help your settlements."

After his announcement, he teared the void where the entrance that can able to enter in the continent. The other cultivator will hard to locate the exact destination but for Xion, it was very easy for him who reached in the second stage of Dao of Space.

The Xaio Family was shocked when they show the void, only a strong cultivator can able to tear the void and they can't imagined of what kind of realm their master and also how strong his background and the member of his sect(Guardian Sect).

Even they was scared in the void, they still trust their new master and the first who was enter is their own patriarch. Xion was also noticed a young girl of the Xiao family who has very rare constitution and also a good seedling for the next recruitment for outer disciple of Guardian Sect.

When the Xiao Family arrived at Maharlica World, they was shocked when they saw a tree that almost reach in the cloud. They never thought that their is very large tree that still exist in this era. When they felt their surrounding, they can also feel the very rich spiritual energy and also help to loosen their very long cultivation that they thought, they don't have a chance to ascend.

"Who are you?"

A very angry voice that exuded of suffocating aura that they can't able to breath and they feel that a whole mountain was covered them, but it was a few second when the owner of the voice noticed the void stone hanging in the waist of Xiao patriarch.

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Written by   153
2 months ago
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A great fiction my friend. When I read the Xaio Family I remember the series I watched which is Chinese series.

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2 months ago

Yeah. There are many Chinese authors who always Xiao as family name, but I'm not a Chinese, I just like to add theme to my novel.

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2 months ago

Okay my friend. I thought you are Chinese. Yes my friend I heard it many times.

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2 months ago