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Chapter 25: Skull Island: The Immortal Skeleton And The Human Cultivator

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In the blink of eye, they was arrive at the desolated island that called Skull Island, where the other teleportation array that the ancestor install. This island was also a forbidden area where many cultivator and sailor stranded and can't able to find the exit.

It was easy to enter the island but to find the exit was like finding the needle in the mountain of haystack. This island was once of the fragment of Skull Planet that destroyed during the war and the ancestor was collected it with complete core essence of the planet.

Every planet was have a core essence that use as give vitality to the all living beings inside the planet and if every planet have enough accumulation, the Dao will enter the planet give it blessing to the living things.

While the planet where I came from, the vitality of core essence was near to absorbed and it will need a thousand years to collect another vitality to produce new cultivator.

In ancient times of the planet where I came from, it was blessed from heaven where everywhere you can see the cultivator scattered around the world, meditating under the ancient tree, tempering the body in the waterfall or flying using their sword, but their was accident that implicate the cultivator and need to defense the planet due to the war.

They create a strong formation array to isolated this world from the invader using their blood essence. Many cultivator was fall due to this war and their inheritances was forgotten or incomplete.

Because of the war, they don't have time to pass down their knowledge of how to cultivate. In the retrospective many years, their someone who was accidentally discover those place and trying to comprehend every scriptures.

That is the reason their was people who superpower but in the eye of true cultivator, they are only in the second stage of cultivation and they can't improve anymore because lack of vitality.

Back to the Skull Island, there was still remaining inhabitants that protect this island, they are descendant of the Skull Planet warrior that my ancestor save during the war.

This island was not found in the sea but in the void rift. When the sailor or cultivator will accidentally enter the rift will can never go out or found the exit. The inhabitants was very wary to the human because they don't have good impression to the human cultivator due to the greedy human cultivator their planet and the only home they have was destroyed.

If they meet the human, the only thing they need to do is to kill them. So this place was have two places: the human camp and the Skull camp and there was also called neutral zone where the teleportation array where found and also a first place where the sailor or cultivator enter in the island.

Their food was also will found in the neutral zone, it was a sea monster or beast was accidentally enter the island.

They can't able to use the teleportation array because it was need void stone to function. Even they their was teleportation array, they don't know where it will bring them, and the spiritual stone was also useless.

Even they are wary of each other, they still choose to avoid each other for their own safety. This place was lack of spiritual energy for human cultivator while for the Skull Island inhabitants it was paradise.

They don't need absorb spiritual energy because they have crystal core in their body that help them to improve their cultivation if it will not destroyed or removed. It was also a treasure for the human cultivator that rich of spiritual energy that need to improve their cultivation.

Even the cultivator in the Skull Island know the important of this treasure, they still value their life, it's because in the Skull Island, their is a very strong guardian, it was the Golden Skeleton, which equivalent into Monarch Realm.

He can't able to attack the human cultivator , the reason is because of the contracts when the ancestor save them. He only need to defends is territory and protects his kin.

If the human cultivator was cross the line, it's only the time that the contract can't protect the human cultivator if they attack the base of Skull inhabitants.

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