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Chapter 24: Rapier, His First Encounter To His Master

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The time before master was going in seclusion, because of the injury he was recieve when he was fighting the Heavenly Tiger in the Slayer forest for saving his spiritual beast(Maya); he was told us to wander around the world for to gain experience.

Now that that I reached the peak of Heavenly Realm, it was consider the powerhouse of the second and third rate sect but in the eyes of master, it's still lacking.

I tried my best to cultivate but I can't ascend to the Etherial Stage. Maybe there is something wrong to my cultivation, that is why I need advised from master.

I was a village boy in the territory of Mist Kingdom when I encounter my master. I obsessed with the way of sword because I wanted to become strong and able to avenge the death of my parents in the hand of royal cultivator of Empyrean Continent, but I'm lacking of talent. And the cultivator of Mist Kingdom was cultivate the way of illusion so no one can able teach me the profound sword scripture.

Until the day that master arrive at the kingdom and he handed the profound illusion of scripture to the Mist Kingdom cultivator.

I know that day that master was a very strong cultivator and I wanted to worship him as a master but I'm afraid that master will not take me to his eyes.

One day, I walked alone in the forest because I'm very depressed. Even I want a sword, but I can't able to cultivate the way of sword and I'm lacking of foundation; even basic skills of sword I can't able to grasp the flow of the sword.

In the forest, I saw master was swinging his sword like an immortal, every swing was have intent of dao. I think that I was cut by a thousand sword and also I think I carry a tons of sword.

That day was a nightmare but a blessing. I only standing with full of sweat all my body because I'm afraid to move. I scared that if I move my head will fly away. I only glanced, but I think it was full of year with different times in the desolation place. There are different emotion that wash me, sometimes I feel happy or sad. Sometimes like I feel agony that bath in the azure fires and sometimes like I float the sky and walking in the cloud.

That is the day that I grasp the Dao of Sword like I can able to cut the mountain. I feel like I'm invincible to my peers.

I also scared that master will discover me because it was a taboo to peek in the skills of cultivator when they practices, that's why the cultivator was choose to cultivate in the isolated place that no one can disturbed.

I wanted to run away when master tell me to come out. He stared at me like he can able to penetrate into my souls. Only glance at my master, I know he already know that I comprehend his sword skill but I only shocked that he only smile after he glance at me and tell:

"You comprehend some part of my sword skill even you only glanced at it, how did you fell?."

I did reply to him because I don't know what to say and I'm really scared to him.

"But you still lacking, even your and mind was eager to learn the Dao of Sword, you need to practice ten times than to other sword cultivator. In that way, it can release your true potential and unlocked your innate talent. Do you want to become my disciple?"

That day, I feel like I dreaming. The person that I wanted is asking me to become his disciple and I'm so happy about it.

"If you want to become my disciple you must have harsh training and I don't wanted the disciple who easily surrender when they feel tired, but I know you are different. You are persistent to learn the sword, I already saw it in your eyes."

That day, I vowed to my master as a first disciple that he accept. My master was already strong but that is the first time he accept apprentice and to pass down his knowledge.

He once said, it's better to have person who can able to run errand that do it by himself.

And then that day, master was pass down the sword scripture that called "Dancing Of Dragons Slash" and the "Void Tearing Slash."

It was very strong sword skill that belong to the emperor level. It it very hard from the start, but with the guidances of my master, I comprehend it in the higher level and one of my signature move.

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Written by   153
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