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'' Crystal Healing, Crystals for loneliness last part''

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9 months ago

Rose Quartz-The gentle vibration of the rose quart makes it a favorite among crystal lovers. Rose quart encourages seft-love so that when you are feeling lonely, meditating with one may help you to feel at ease with yourself. The stone also provides a very soothing and comforting vibration that makes you feel loved and at peace.

Clear Quart-Clear quart is popularly known as the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom. Its clear hue is beneficial on several situations, protecting you, dispelling negative energy, and helping you heal.

Malachite-This is alsoba great stone cor combatting loneliness. Know as the stone of transformation,it can help you balance your chakras. It also bring stability, and counteracts self-destructive energies.

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