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🔵 Ethereum 2.0, EOS and Bitcoin comparison of technology rollout (TLDR: They’re all amazing)

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1 year ago

A comparison of Ethereum 2.0 and EOS in terms of tech and timeframes. Also a comparison of the different generations of blockchain technology (Bitcoin = Gen 1, Ethereum = Gen 2, EOS & ETH 2.0 = Gen 3)

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1 year ago

Good job. I agree crypto's are all on the same team in theory. I believe many who attack other crypto's rather than extol the virtues of their own are quite likely to be dishonest immoral (evil) people or anti-crypto social engineering agents pretending to love crypto.. BTC maximalists for instance are claiming an intentionally broken coin is the only coin to own. They are saying people should avoid owning a real peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world's people. I am sure many have been fooled into thinking their anti-Bitcoin stance is a greedy one. That is one of the best ways to trick people into being dumb. Tell them the dumb choice is hated by others because it proves you are greedy. And then, in this case, they will end up finding out they were duped and BTC was not really the greedy choice after all.

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1 year ago