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Let's talk about it

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1 year ago

Everyone wants to be crypto's savior.

Coin Fugazi is its devil.

We're going to talk about, consider subjects many in the peer-to-peer electronic cash community would rather we did not.

The only way to not get rekt is to avoid deceiving ourselves. That's the hardest part. We instinctively look for evidence that pleases us, makes us comfortable, lulls us into a sense of complacency.

That's ultimately destructive.

It's time to take-on the hard questions, dialog with those we're told are verboten, drill-down on topics maybe outside our polite circle.

We're going to get in your face. We're going to challenge your assumptions. It's not to be different or shocking, but more in a effort to move the P2P cash ecosystem along.

Is the medium of exchange meme dead? Should we pivot to digital gold, hoping its success will then propel cash-like properties of adoption? Is blockchain technology all garbage, old tech, hype … or is there some there-there? Is decentralization a tool or goal? Is China-anything something freedom-loving crypto folks should avoid? Can a project simultaneously embrace the love of law enforcement and government, and be viable … or is it just old wine, new bottle? Are influencers and amplifying a liability? Is community important or should we focus more on individualism? Can a coin not be about P2P electronic cash but stumble upon a better way toward that end? Is there hope for DeFi? Are tokens a distraction? What is actually going on with Tether?

These are just a sampling of what we're asking, what we're working on, and how we're going about work at Coin Fugazi.

Oh, and your beard is weird.

Stay tuned.

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Written by   93
1 year ago
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