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Coin Fugazi Podcast 8: Back on the Missing Cryptoqueen's Trail

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1 year ago

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Coin Fugazi Podcast 8 was our chance to catch-up with investigative journalist Jamie Bartlett and his ongoing work in tracking down the mysterious OneCoin founder Dr. Ruja Ignatova. She disappeared, along with hundreds of millions of dollars, back in late 2017. Bartlett and producer Georgia Catt spent a year and published more than half a dozen incredible podcast episodes titled, The Missing Cryptoqueen, on BBC Sounds, documenting in near real time their hunt for Dr. Ruja. It's an incredible story, and and along the way Bartlett and Catt uncovered significant clues as to her whereabouts, but the trail ran ultimately cold. They've now returned, and feel as if they're getting closer with this latest and new round of episodes.


00:00 Such a strange way to end it ...

06:50 Why did the crypto space mostly miss OneCoin?

11:15 The importance of the OneCoin scam on mainstream adoption

13:20 Award nominee and movie offers and working on a book

15:15 Teasing a love triangle like you've never heard

17:20 BBC Sounds re-ups on The Missing Cryptoqueen

20:45 Do we rely too much on regulators like the FCA?

28:15 A most interesting character who flew under the radar for a while

33:55 Is it a crypto-related scam necessarily?

36:10 Back on the case

37:25 Another boom, more scams to come?


He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Jamie Bartlett is back and hot on the trail of the elusive Dr. Ruja and her OneCoin millions. The story seemed to hit a dead end in November of last year, and so eager listeners were left hanging. Thus far, and no further. Or so we thought.

It turns out, Bartlett and his producer Georgia Catt never quite left the story, never really let it die. They just simply stopped recording. And in the time between the first season's end and the new beginning at Episode 9, published last month, a lot has happened in the OneCoin world.

Arrests of major figures, including Ruja's brother (and confidant) revealed new insight into just why, after riding high and raking-in hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars in late 2017, she vanished.

The Missing Cryptoqueen podcast series really does have it all. It's part thriller, comedy, tragedy, mystery, true crime, and even involves a love triangle that you're simply not going to believe.

Coin Fugazi listeners get the background behind the history-making story that refuses not to make headlines around the world -- for example, the recently released FinCEN Papers include a snippet about Ruja and OneCoin!

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  • C. Edward Kelso is CEO of Coin Fugazi


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Written by   94
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