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My Younger Me meeting My Older Me

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2 months ago

Is there a time limit in everything? Our life? Our career? Our happiness?

So much to ask, but let's think deeper, everything around us has its own limit and we do not know when or how this things will stop or will be forgotten.

When I was young my parents do not totally put some restrictions. They allowed me to experience the things that a child should experience? To cry, to play nonstop til our energy will drain, to play in the rain, to try those things which will complete your childhood days. See? Those things now is already in our memories, because our days already passed and we cannot go back in time no matter how we try.

How about those people around you?

Your friends?

Your classmates?

Your relatives?

Your childhood buddies?

The people you meet randomly?

Even the closest people in our hearts, our parents?

Where are they? Are they still here? How about your communication and your relationship? Is it the same as before?

I doubt, most of this change overtime, right? The limit that I am talking is so hard to see or tell on how and when it will stop or reach the end. That's why I am always saying especially to my students, treasure every moments that you experience because when time passes you will never go back in time.

How about our pets? Our toys? The dresses and shoes that we desire before? The gadgets that we wish to have? Where are they? Are they still the same or useful as it is?

I doubt those things may be useless already, our pets? maybe they are not that active anymore because of age. The things that we bought before, maybe its not that attractive anymore. When we reach the limit all things will become old and becomes part of our memories.

How about your journey? Your studies? When I was a child though I like to study, there's a time that I'm lazy and ask myself? What year will I finished all of these for me to rest. That's my thinking I thought that after studying all things will be good. But Im wrong, now I prefer to be a student forever, why? Though Im stress about academic works, that's the only problem that I need to do. Going back to the limit, while you are studying I want you to focus and enjoy all the moments that you experience. Don't be lazy and skip those important part of your studies because when you reach the limit, again you cannot go back in time.

How about our career? Our job? Our passion?

While you're still in your prime do it seriously and make yourself productive. Be efficient employee so that when you reach your limits the legacy that you will contribute in the field where you work will be remembered.

While we have still time, live to the fullest. Live your life the way you want it to be. Just enjoy the moment. So that when you meet your younger version of yourself, you will face him with a smile in your face.

Younger me: How are you? I bet those years you experience is not that easy.

Old Me: It's not hard, its challenging, its not difficult, because this life is once in a lifetime journey, I just want to say that I'm so happy because of those wonderful experiences that I have.

In conclusion, we have one life, live your life the way you want it to be. Know your purpose and build your legacy.

Disclaimer: The images I used is from Canva.


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Written by   41
2 months ago
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When we make every moment of our lives count, we'll live to remember every bit of it when we do, smiles take over our faces🥰

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2 months ago

I hope my younger me would be so proud to the person I am today.

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2 months ago