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Handcraft Peacock

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2 months ago

Today I decided to make a handcraft peacock, though its not good because I ask my sister about it. Then she said it is ugly.

Early in the afternoon I decided to clean my room and organized my things. Then to my dismay I saw a lot of test papers from my students. I failed to return this papers because of pandemic. Instead of throwing it I decided to use it in my hobby about crafting. I decided to make a peacock. Why peacock, I just saw a video in my TikTok account about how peacock is imported and how this animals experience trauma and for that I gain an idea of what artwork will I make.

The things that I used to make this of course paper, colored paper, scissors and glue. I start making this at exactly 1pm in the afternoon and I finished it around 8:30pm. For my final product I take a lot of pictures.

Then after that I showed it to my sister, I ask her if it is ok for me to post it in but to my shock she said its ugly of course that moment I hesitated to post it in because my sister said it is ugly. This is the exact words that she said to me. (This is our convo since its tagalog I will translate it in English)

Me: Is it ok? (Im referring to my handmade craft)

My Sister: What's that?

Me: A peacock?

My Sister: hmmm

Me: is it ok? Or good to post it in

My Sister: No, its ugly.

Me: What? Why?

My Sister: Nothing it's just ugly and why did you put the Bitcoin Cash logo? Are you trying to show off?

Me: Is it bad?

My Sister: Yeah don't post that.

Me: ok😐

I decided not to post it, I take another glance on the peacock that I made. Of course Im sad, then I make another article to published tonight. While making an article a message pop up in my phone and my friend whom I invited in ask me. Since yesterday I told her that I want to make a craft inspired by Bitcoin Cash, she ask me if Im done. I replied to her (This is our convo since its tagalog I will translate it in English)

Friend: Hey, are you done with your artwork?

Me: Yes, but its ugly

Friend: May I see?

Me: I send the picture to her.

Friend: No its not, its beautiful.

Me: Are you trying to fool me? My sister told me its ugly.

Friend: Huh? Its beautiful for me.

Me: hmmm, I don't know, since you said its good, is it ok to publish it in

Friend: Of course. Honestly speaking its beautiful.

For that I decided to post it here in

Why did I put the Bitcoin Cash logo in the body of the peacock? Its not intentional, in my previous article I mentioned that the printed logo of Bitcoin Cash was printed last year. Why did I print this? Last year, I always put the cut logo of Bitcoin Cash in different public transpo like jeepney and tricycle. Why did I do that? Since Im using I always saw a post about the campaign for Bitcoin Cash and for that I tried a little. I remember one time when I put a Bitcoin Cash logo in one of the public transpo that I used, a passenger ask me if what's the logo that I put. We have a little convo about that, I told him about Bitcoin Cash and I don't know if he sign up in since we are strangers.

Going back to the question why did I put a Bitcoin Cash in the body of peacock, I just want to show some good vibes. And encourage everyone to take the positive side and be at ease, maybe not today not tomorrow, Bitcoin Cash will rise again and reach its highest price. 😊

It's not important if Im tired making this craft the important thing is I enjoyed it.

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Written by   41
2 months ago
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Great affort dear which you have good in making these handicraft thing and hats off to you

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2 months ago

Its my hobby to make different crafts, by the way thanks for the appreciation, though its not good. Maybe next I'll make it better.

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2 months ago