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Straw Hat Pirates Dreams (One Piece)

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Topics: One piece, Anime, Dreams

One Piece was one of the famous anime and still ongoing today, if you have seen the manga and series ever since the beginning you will know the whole story but if not then this is the right article for you to know the story of the main characters that I’m about to tell. Strawhat Pirates was the pirate group of Monkey D. Luffy who was the main character of the series. There pirate group now was a total of 10 including Luffy as the captain, the crewmates were composed by Roronoa Zoro as First Mate or others may called as Vice-Captain, Cat Burglar Nami as the Navigator, Usopp as Sniper, Black Leg Sanji or now known as part of the Vinsmoke family, Vinsmoke Sanji as Cook, Tony-Tony Chopper as Doctor, Nico Robin as archeologist, Franky as Shipwright, Brook as Musician and the latest addition to their crew the former warlord of the sea Jinbei as helmsman. Each of the individual crew including Luffy has a goal and dreams to achieve in the series and now I’m gonna tell what are they.


As far as everyone know that had seen the anime and read the manga, fans or not, of course we know that our captain Monkey D. Luffy dream to be the Pirate King someday ever since the time he begun his quest as pirate we heard a lot from his mouth that, “I’m Gonna Be the King of Pirates” and to do that he need crewmates to help achieve his dreams and this is the start where he gathered the rest of his crew and the rest was history. Now Luffy had a total of 9 crews which will help him become King of Pirates and find the greatest treasure, “ONE PIECE”. We all know that Luffy will able to achieve his dreams but when this point reached it will be the ending of One Piece and a lot will be sad on it but I know there’s a lot more to see in the manga and the series.


The first mate that Luffy recruited  was Zoro, also known as his vice captain, Luffy met Zoro in Shells town where he was held captives by the marines and he was a bounty hunter that time, Luffy recruited him but refused at first but when the time Luffy get Zoro Swords after the battle with the marines Zoro joined Luffy as his first mate. Zoro’s dream was to be the world’s greatest swordsman and in order to do that he needs to surpass all skilled swordsman including Mihawk the one train him during the time skip. Also one reason why he oath to be the greatest swordsman was because of her childhood friend Kunia who died during his childhood days and she was the only one who defeats Zoro 2000 times. Right now Zoro possess new sword which is Enma and we will see the new potential of Zoro and we will see a new power up from him.


The 2nd crew that joined in the strawhat, Nami. She was a burglar/thief that only joins Luffy because of their treasure but she had a reason behind it, she was saving a lot of money in order to save her town from a fishmen Arlong. Luffy saved him and destroy the arlong park and nami officialy joined the straw hat. Her dream was revealed during the flashback of her childhood days where she stole a book of navigation, after that Nami said that with her navigation skills she will make a map of the world and up until now her dream was to make a map of the world with Luffy as the future pirate king.


One of the funniest character and crewmate of Luffy. Usopp was known for being a good liar even when the time Luffy and the crewmate was just starting since then. Usopp was known as coward and we all saw how big liar is he but even with that he protects syrup village from captain kuro and stand up on his own with the help of his captain Luffy. Usopp was also the reason why they able to have a ship and have a jolly roger of Strawhat Pirates and that’s the start by having a name for themselves. Despite being the most coward in their crew Usopp dream was to be the bravest warrior of the sea, we seen it during flashback where her mother was bedridden and Usopp telling about his father Yassop and just like his father he dreams to be a pirate that was brave and become the bravest warrior of all.


Sanji has one of the most awesome dream in all of the crews, before Luffy was recruiting him they were talking to each other and Sanji told about this dream that there was place were all four seas met(north, south, east and west blue) that full with all of the resources that one’s could ever found, that includes all the fishes in every seas, all in one place and it was the ultimate dream of every chef. As I chef Sanji want to see it with his own very eyes. After the talk of Luffy and Sanji, he said that he will fulfill Luffy’s dream to become pirate king and he will also find all blue along with that.


Chopper dream was to be the world’s greatest doctor where he could find cure for every disease in the world. It was when his mentor Dr. Hiluluk died from an disease, Dr. Hiluluk was the one that taught chopper everything and Dr. Hiluluk was also the one said that he will find all cure for all of the disease in the world. Chopper made the promise upon the death of his mentor, and later on he joins strawhat crew as the Doctor, we can see in the series that Chopper was a great Doctor and improve a lot during the timeskip, we can expect more from this reindeer can’t wait for his spotlight.


Nico Robin was the only survivor in Ohara at first Robin was introduced as an enemy of strawhat pirate as Ms. All Sunday and later on joined the crew of strawhats but when the water 7 arc is at place Robin joins the world government because she was the only one who can read the poneglyph that can discover the secret of the world. Luffy and the rest of strawhat pirates declares war against the world government in order to save Robin and she become officially member of the crew. Since she was the only one who can read the poneyglyph her dream was to discover the history of the world and what was the secret behind all the poneyglyph. She was a big asset of the strawhat pirates also she become the target of yonko to help them find the One Piece.


One of the most coolest crewmate of Luffy, Franky was their shipwright and his dream was to sail his dream ship on the world. Franky was the one who created thousand sunny and we all know that this dream of Franky will fulfilled once they reach the final destination Raftel. Franky was recruited by Luffy after they saved Robin from enies lobby and become the part of his crew to crewmate the most awesome ship that will travel with the future pirate king.


Brook was one of the most unique crewmates in strawhat because he is just a bones, his dream was to be reunited with Laboon the big whale who waits always in the Red line that meet by Strawhat in the early episodes and when they passed the red line to the grand line. Brook was the only one left in his previous crew and they made a promise to Laboon that they will see each other again. Though his dream was simple it was fulfilling to see an old friend and reunite even he was just a mere bones and carry the promise of his previous crewmates also.


Jinbei was the one who saved Luffy when he lost his brother ace, he help Luffy not just in the battle at marineford but also help him mentally to recover from the pain that Luffy experienced. Jinbei was already part of his crew during the fishman island but didn’t joined yet because he has an errand which revealed that he had ties in bigmom and later on in the latest chapters we have seen the Jinbei finally reunites with the strawhat. Jinbei dream was simple to have peace between humans & fishman which already seen by Jinbei done by Luffy and because of that he joined the strawhat in order to be the same with others humans as well.

We all know that once this dreams of strawhats were fulfilled it will be the end of story. It was so awesome as well as it will be a tearjerking scene that all the fans were waiting. Oda said that in near five years One Piece will end but we all know there’s still a lot that will happen and we can’t wait for that. Thank you for your time reading this even it is so long. Hope you like it.

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Written by   76
1 year ago
Topics: One piece, Anime, Dreams
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