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Figure Collection’s 101

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1 year ago

I didn’t thought that my post regarding on figure will be seen by a lot of people and got more views than I expected so because of that I want to share more information regarding figure collection and that includes what type of collection that I am collecting. It’s been a year since I start my figure collection particularly on my favorite anime, “One Piece” it’s not just their anime & manga that brings another flavor to my life but also anime figure from One Piece help me in my darkest time. Of course, it’s not only One Piece collection I used to collect I have other figures from other anime and I will tell you about it later, so for now here’s some additional tips and knowledge to know in figure collecting. Let’s start our lesson 101.

Smile! Haha. WCF Figures!

Figure collecting was not a normal hobby for a typical person, it is very addictive at the same time you need to have a lot of money for it, once you spent on one figure it will not stop there, mark my word you will find another figure and spent your money on it, it’s not a joke, seriously figure was been part of my budget every cutoff it’s included and everytime I find new figure that I like there’s no doubt that I will find a way to get it. Before you get yourself in toy community here some tips for you and what figures I will you collect in the future once you get decided.



- Number one thing to know when starting to collect figures was to have authentic figures, why? Because in the future once you decide to stop collecting and quit in this hobby, you can able to sell it at a good price, either it will be higher, or same price depends on condition of it and also if your figure was a rare figure it will come in handy and will be able to sell at a high price. It brings you joy at the same time it will be a big benefit to your part because you earn and get back your money. If you don’t have enough money you can still buy Class A (KO or BL) it’s up to you as long as you are happy with it, that’s fine, this is one friendly tip from a collector like me. There’s still a lot of good figure even it’s class A but it will be hard for you to sell it in the future.



- What is line in figure collecting? Line in figure collecting was the brand or manufacturer of specific figure. For me one of the best line that almost all of the collector’s collect and have in their collection specifically in One Piece was POP (Portrait of Pirates) made by Megahouse. Why POP was one of the best line? It is because of its quality and details. The quality and details of a POP figure was definitely best, the details were perfectly made, the texture, the looks and overall it was so beautiful, though the only one problem on it was the price, POP figures on One Piece was expensive but for your information it's worth for it’s price. I’m still not able to afford it for the meantime because we have a lot of expenses, bills that need to accomplished and partly budget every payday, so it’s need vs wants. Maybe in the near future if I get rich I’ll have a lot of collection from POP. There’s a lot of good line and brands out there but make sure it’s authentic so every penny you’ll spent will be worth. Others that not yet named, Ichiban Kuji, DXF, GLM, MSP, Masterlise and a lot more. We’ll my collection was composed of different lines as long as I can afford it I get the figure that I want.


- Your happiness still matters the most, even you are collecting authentic, fake, BL, KO, Resin as long as it brings smile and happiness in your life that’s the most important thing. This tip was base on my perspective and its up to you if still follow or not, I just want to help and gave knowledge that I gain from it. Hope these tips help you in a good way.

Being a collector for a short time was still not enough and I know I have a long way to go. Before having this knowledge of course I’m a beginner before and I used to collect BL & KO but I’m happy with it, that’s why I include it in number three and it taught me a lot. My figures help me a lot of times why I’m sad every time I see them my sadness fade away; it also lessens my stress and thankful with it. Right now I’m still collecting and will continue because I love it. Hope this article reach you and give you a little knowledge, so are you interested in collecting now? Welcome to the Toy Community!

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Written by   76
1 year ago
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