How to reach Mythic Rank?

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Are you familiar in the game Mobile legends? Maybe filipino readers here are familiar since Filipinos loved to play this game and it is famous around the globe. I just want to know if you play this game? If you playing then what is your rank right now?

Before we jump to our topic, let us first discuss what is Mobile legends?, Mobile legends was released on 2016 by Chinese Company called Moonton. During its release, many gamers downloaded its beta test and found out that it was a good game, it is a 5v5 MOBA game in which players can compete to each other and fight for victory.

It is a strategically game that needs plan and teamwork to lead the game into victory. Proper line-up, good picking, suitable items and spells can increase the possibility of winning. Good communication is also the key to achieve objectives and gank enemy on their lanes.

Mobile legends is not all about clicking skills, clashing without a plan, trashtalking team and throwing the game but it was about teamwork and discipline in playing mobile legends. In order to create a healthy environment for all players there are some tips that I can share to you, these tips may help you to increase your rank and achieve mythic stage.

Stay Humble

One of the main reason why pro players reach mythical glory is because they are humble in every game, even though they are skilled and professional in playing mobile legends. They are type of players that observing the team in picking then planning strategies on how to carry the whole game. If there are toxic teammates, they will immediately adjust their heroes and encourage teammates to play well and do their best. If you've watched ML Tournaments you'll notice that professional players has communication to each other and stay humble if they killed the enemy. It is what they called discipline and stay calm even though they are on crucial situations. Being humble in all the game can help you to learn everything on mobile legends and it will help you to reach mythical rank.

Choose your Comfort Heroes

In playing rank games, the best way to win and enjoy the game is to choose your best and comfort hero. According to statistics of Mobile Legends, there is a 15% chance that you'll win in rank game once you've chosen your mastered hero unlike playing in rank game with new bought hero that your not familiar. Playing with unknown hero will lead the game to defeat and it will decrease your winrate. The best thing to do when playing rank game is to choose your best hero because there's a high probability that you'll win the game. In addition, choosing comfort hero can make the game easy for you and you have the chance to kill enemy. It will also gives you satisfaction and happiness especially if your playing well and the game is reaching victory. Overall, choosing your best hero inside the game can help you to reach mythical rank faster.

Learn to adjust in the Game

One of the most important part of the game is adjusting, it a process in which the player will adjust the hero based on role needed to fulfill. For an instance, the team need tank to dive and give a beautiful set, if you have knowledge on how to used tank then you must learn how to adjust and chose tank hero. Moreover, there are players who don't want to adjust and pick their own hero, to address those kind of situation you must adjust your role and do all your best to win the game. You can't also avoid those player who throwing the game and picking easy to kill heroes. My advise for that is do not question and say hurtful words to them because it will ruin the atmosphere inside the game and there's a possibility that it will throw the game that will lead to defeat. To sum it all, reaching mythical rank is not easy if your not adjusting in heroes that is why you must learn how to communicate and adjust in order to create a good connection to win the game.

Encourage your Team to continue Fighting

Lastly, one of the most difficult situation that you will encounter when playing mobile legends is to face those skilled player. There are instances that the early game was dominated by enemy and you start loosing the game. To address that kind of dilemma, try to encourage your team to fight back and never give up. Don't blame them if they are feeding in the game for the reason that they can't stand their opponent. Try to create a plan and communicate with them. As a good player, you must learn how to control yourself and decide how to deal the enemy. Apart from this, try to do an impossible comeback for the team and do an action to boost their confidence again, it will help you and your team win the game and taste the sweetness of victory.

Real-life Experience:

I'm also a tank user on mobile legends and I'm a solo gamer, everyday I encountered many types of player, some of them are professional and some are toxic player. I don't deal with toxic players and let them do what they want. Sometimes I asked them why they are throwing the game and say some of words of wisdom. As a tank, it's my duty to protect my team and guide them until we reached victory but I can't avoid to team with such toxic people who throwing the game. I solve those kind of problems by just doing my best and give sets for my team. I'm not lifting my own chair but 1 week after the end season, I played almost hundred games then I achieved mythic 3, unfortunately I've team-up with unprofessional players that made my rank go down to mythic 5. Now, I'm doing my best to achieve mythic 1 again then after that I will stop playing mobile legends temporarily and focus on writing here on

That's it for this night, I hope you learn something about this article when it comes on strategies and need to do in playing mobile legends. Hope you have a good day and night. See you tomorrow readers.

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