Evils are made, not Born

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In current world we are living right now, there are lots of evil people roaming around and we can't perceive them because they act like a normal human here on our society. There are two type of human existing on this world, it can be good and evil. Those good humans are living peacefully in society and doing good things that can help other people while in contrast, those evil humans are doing vicious actions to feel satisfaction or to gain personal interest.

Good and bad things are existed on earth so that everything will be on balance, God knows that in order to put everything into equilibrium, good must fight evil and win in every battle. We can't blame God why he do this but I think it is for mankind sake to learn and fight what is good. Have you read a book in where there is only protagonist who do good deeds everytime and there's no antagonist who opposed protagonist? There's no such book existing right? All I want to say is, this life is like a story in which good people are protagonist and evil people are antagonist. This planet is the setting of the story and mankind is the characters in which everyone of us had a role. We are the one who will decide what will be our role.


The sad reality of this life is, "Evil people are made and they are not born" the truth is humankind is born pure and clean but they only becomes evil when they are surrounded and harm by people encompassing them. For an instance, a boy was born in a cruel life in which both of his parents is hurting him and doing unusual things to him. As he grow older his mindset about this world will change and it will push him to do depravity actions. That boy will learn everything what he saw during his childhood and he will apply it to people surrounds him. The fact is, the boy was innocent and it's not his fault to become evil because he's just a victim of cruelness of other people.

In every part of this world, there are evil people who was caught by authority because they made heinous crimes such as murder and torture. I've watched one content of Project Nightfall which all about worst criminal around the world who made heinous crimes. I feel pity for them when I saw their faces, I know that they are also victims of cruelty of this world. Maybe some of them experienced bad things in past that pushes them to do evil as well. I believe that every person was pure and good but they've been pushed to do such vicious actions.


There are factors why people became evil, one of those factor is because of poverty. Poverty is the major problem why people are forced to perpetrate vicious actions such as stealing and killing. One of the example of this is what happened to my country-Philippines, in which people experienced poverty are forced to commit crimes just to fill food in stomach. This life is so cruel that many people needs to engage in evil actions just to survive. For me they are forced to do such work because of evil people above them which are rich one and corrupt politicians. In my country-Philippines, corruption is prevalent in past administration but I'm hopeful that current administration want some change and remove all corrupt officials on government. In past administration, corrupt officials steals money for the people ay put it on their own pocket. That is the reason why many Filipinos are suffering from poverty and they are forced to engage in doing crimes.


Another factor why people became evil is because of money, do you believe that money is the root of evil? Money is necessary for us because without it we can't afford to buy foods, pay rent for our houses and pay for bills. Money is so important to us that makes other people want to gain more of it. There are people who gained money because they work hard for it, maybe they have a business and it became successful but there are also people who gained money by doing crimes and stealing. It is true that evil people will do everything for the sake of money even though they harmed people lives. They don't think about the consequences of their actions, the important for them is to earn money and become rich.

In the end no matter how cruel evil people are, I believe that there's something good left on their hearts. I've already witnessed that criminals who commit crimes can changed their life and become a good person again. They just forced to engage in doing crimes and they don't want it but they can't do anything because its the only way to fill their stomach. I feel pity for those people who do vicious actions because at first they don't want it but they need to do it. I believe that God is preparing something to end cruelty of this world and make mankind live in a place in which there's no suffering and death. What do you think why there are good and bad people lived on this world? In which side you will choose? If this life is a story, what will you do to end this very very very long story?

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We were all wonderfully created. All good and blameless. But our ancestors committed a sin, and it reaches us.

We were not born evil indeed. You mentioned some factors why some people are becoming evil (or just bad, not totally evil), and yes, it contributes on why some people are becoming like that.

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2 years ago