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What were Celsius's improvements over the last months ?

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3 weeks ago

If you know me and read me more or less often, you must know that I'm a huge fan of earning passive income. To make this possible, one of the best company (my favorite one) is Celsius Network. Indeed, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, my opinion is that it's the most honest and legit platforms for distributing you interests.

Just a little parenthesis explaining why I'm not writing so much over the last weeks. The reason is that I'm currently working and you may not see as much articles as in the past for the 2 years coming (and maybe more). What is sure is that I'll keep making my monthly passive income reports, don't worry !

So let's see what Celsius has made over the last weeks / months to improve their services and add new features.

The in-app swap

The feature I expected the most was the internal CelSwap. Indeed, the political of Celsius is to give its clients 0 fees on every transactions. It means no fees when you withdraw your crypto, but also no fees with that internal swap. The only problem is that at the moment, it is only available for California citizens, and for few cryptos, like $ETH, $BTC, $BCH, $CEL or stablecoins. The important thing is that step by step, Alex Mashinsky and his team are upgrading the services and the features available.

$ADA has been added

It's been a long time since Celsius users were expecting to earn yield on their Cardano tokens, and it is now possible for them to do it, since more or less the end of August / the beginning of September.

Borrowing for 1%

You were dreaming about it, Celsius's made it. You can now borrow for only 1% of interests using Celsius. And if you think you'll have to put a LTV (Loan To Value) very huge, you're wrong. Indeed, the LTV is only worth 25 %, which means you have to temporarily "give" to Celsius four times what you're borrowing.

Here is the full "loan" offer that Celsius provides.

Of course, I only mentioned the most interesting features, according to me, that Celsius's added. Mashinsky has many other ideas that seems to be more or less interesting but are always innovative.

And you, are you currently using Celsius Network ? If not, then what are you waiting for ? 

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Written by   4
3 weeks ago
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I was not aware of the Celsius Network prior to reading this, but it sounds interesting enough to take a look at it, and I certainly will.

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3 weeks ago

Yeah I think you should. It's life changing.

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3 weeks ago

I am also using Celsius Network since last 11 months. Its a good way to earn some passive income. Only cel token is underperforming. Luckily my average buy is 3 dollars but those who bought at 5 or 6+ dollars it must be quite frustrating for them.

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3 weeks ago

I think the $CEL token will be performing well in the future.

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3 weeks ago