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My crypto passive income (February 2021)

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9 months ago

Hi everyone ! I am so excited to present you my first passive income report. Indeed, that may be the part I love the most in the world : earn money doing nothing, make my investments work for me.

At the moment, I do not earn thousands of dollars while sleeping as I am pretty young and new in this universe.

But first let me give you my definition of "real" passive income. I'd report the staking, savings and lending of crypto, or any platform where I earn interests by doing nothing. I do not consider blogging as a real passive income because writing is not making nothing. Referral earnings could be considered in the future but it represents few cents for me at the moment so let's not lose time with it. Also, I'll count the interests that some faucets give daily or weekly, but not the crypto I claim on faucets, because it takes time.


I am staking SNX on JustMining ( The rate is very interesting as it fluctuates around 30 and 40% APY. 

I was staking 285 SNX at the beginning of the month, but I sold 30 SNX when it was just above 20€. Now I'm staking 255 SNX and I exchanged 30 SNX against 700 USDT that I moved to Celsius.

Total rewards : 6.64768 SNX

Total Staking : 151.16 $


I am saving EGLD permanently on Binance. The rate is only 1% APY (that's nothing) but I've got EGLD because I think its prize will rise in the next years. Earning 1% more per year is still a good thing to do, as it costs me 0$ to save it.

When I arrive on time, I complete offers on Binance that gives me 10% APY for 14 days (and I missed the last one for few minutes ...).

I'm saving a bit more than 7 EGLD.

Total rewards : 0.020177 EGLD

Total Savings : 2.77 $



I'm using Celsius Network to lend a significant part of my cryptocurrency. I'm lending, at the moment, DAI, BTC, ETH, CEL, BCH, BAT and recently TETHER that is the result of my SNX sale.

I'm waiting for the internal CelSwap to move my BTC, BCH and BAT into CEL token.

Total rewards : 0.3197 CEL

Total lending : 1.49 $


Faucets interests

Cointiply : 0.16 $ worth of BTC : 0,00000924 BTC -> 0.44 $ 

Total interests : 0.60 $


Total February income : 156.02 $

I'm pretty happy with that result. I think it is already pretty good for a 20 year old man. Let's hope a bright future for the crypto environment.

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Written by   4
9 months ago
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