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World scientists analyze strange diseases that only are in Venezuela

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1 year ago

Diseases that only give Venezuelans:

QUEBRANTO: Mysterious elevation of body temperature, not high enough to be considered a fever, but serious enough to miss work or school.

PATATUS: Sudden attack of the loquera of unknown origin, which may be subject to hospitalization for observation. It usually gives people 50 and older.

YEYO: Any sudden tension disorder, which is severe enough to go to the doctor, take remedies and miss school, work or other commitments. It can be considered as a variant of patatús.

CHICHÓN: Cranial protuberance usually caused by the coñazo of the fall during the patatús.

PESAO BODY: How to explain to another human being not born in Venezuela, what the hell is it to feel with the heavy body?

It is a sheath as well as the trunk goes to one side, the arms weigh that fuck and in passing, the legs do not give. Who understands this? This condition is being studied by the Internal Medicine Society of Great Britain.

SOPONCIO: A condition of the elderly and that depends on the social stratum, maintaining the name of "soponcio" if it occurs in wealthy people, but it is not known why it is called "caligüeva" if it occurs in pelabolas.

GIVEN NERVIOS: Everyone has nerves, but in Vzla, nerves "give." It refers to when a situation generates confusion, fear, anguish. It is dangerous because it can end in patatús, yeyo, soponcio or a pod.

KILLED: Showy falls, usually in public places, of which those who suffer, despite how loud they are, stop quickly, so that people do not laugh.

FUCK: It means simply being wrong, with some pain usually in some or all parts of the body, although it is also attributable to the fact of peeling balls.

STRETCH OF PATA: Death or sudden death of the body, is when the soul leaves the body and goes around.

HE GAVE HIM A SHEATH: it implies a sudden reaction as a result of something unexpected.

That only happens to Venezuelans.

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Written by   41
1 year ago
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