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Prevent your child from being another victim.No to child abuse.

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7 months ago

Although it is not a new problem, today children are more exposed than in other times, so it is necessary that you know how to protect your innocence.

There are many forms of abuse against minors, but the most terrible is sexual.

What is Child Abuse ?

We all know that abuse and mistreatment of children and adolescents can take many forms,

from the simple humiliating, offensive and sarcastic scolding, which cause the child to lose his self-esteem and form the negative image that he is a bad child ", that he is useless, nor does anything good, and excessive corporal punishment or cruel, even crimes against the life of the minor, including kidnapping for ransom, inducing minors, for profit, to become addicted to alcohol or drugs, or to participate in pornographic activities The catalog, of course , it is not exhausted there.

There is also child abuse by omission, not only by action. For example, when a child is not fed and dressed properly (there is the economic means to do so), when care is not provided medical need (even preventive), or when he is left to his own devices, neglected in any way, or kept in conditions lacking the most elemental hygiene. A very common case, and one that is also increasing, that l of divorced or separated parents who evade the payment of alimony that they must pay to their children.

These parents may not judge themselves as guilty of child abuse, but they certainly are. There is abuse in cases of "non-accidental physical injuries caused to the minor sexual assault, financial or sexual exploitation, or injuries to intellectual capacity and psychological ". And the definition adds that there is also abandonment or neglect when the parents, or the responsible persons, do not provide the minor with adequate food, clothing or shelter, health care or the necessary supervision to avoid dangers. Facts amply demonstrate that parents are not the only people who can engage in child abuse. It is also committed by guardians, adoptive parents, teachers, day care providers, "nannies," or babysitters, family members. or friends of her and, of course, strangers. And it should be noted, unfortunately, that in recent years there has also been an increase in cases of sexual abuse against minors, committed by religious ministers.

  • Physical abuse.

  • Sexual abuse

  • Psychological abuse.

In my next post I will talk in detail about each of these ...

Let's take care of our children, prevention is better.

Foster a climate free of communication at home, where our children feel safe, confident, that their parents can go talk to us and talk to them about anything that worries them. or scare them is the fundamental basis to prevent not only sexual abuse but other typical problems of childhood and adolescence.


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Written by   41
7 months ago
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