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8 months ago

Although Venezuelan women have been characterized in recent years by their entrepreneurial spirit and great desire for improvement, it never hurts to become familiar with the knowledge of some tips that will allow them to achieve those projects that they have in mind and that have not yet carried them out. cape

Before existing for others, one must exist for himself, others cannot recognize me if I do not recognize myself.

We must handle the idea of ​​perfection

Know how to use failure, although our education associated failure to guilt to punishment. It is possible that failure is not due to the responsibility of the one who suffers it. We must get out of that infernal circle in which failure becomes a fault and a sin that must be paid for. We must erase that feeling of guilt.

Learning to give, the woman is defined theoretically by dedication, generosity,

Time management

Wanting to be successful and show solidarity.

Being successful in life implies choosing and wanting. Choosing is setting priorities in time; set yourself some clear, simple and achievable goals. Above all, it is a matter of will. Stumbling blocks are common elements on the road to success.

Personally, one of my goals is to be successful in this platform, that my posts are useful for other users, that I can have some profit and be able to buy raw materials to continue working and be able to buy a cell phone that allows me to enter every day to @, that I can venture a little more into the world of BCH, be able to offer my products, and receive as part of payment, to be able to explain to other people to get new users willing to create quality content, I would like every day to be able to write even a post that will not be related to cryptocurrencies but about personal growth, education, and much more, and little by little to learn about this world. You learn something new every day.

Unfortunately I depend on my neighbor to lend me his computer for a while.

Everything in this life is a matter of attitude, organization, solidarity, generosity and a lot of faith.

Every day I thank @telesfor @Koush @ Maxdevalue.BCH @Samael @Monskins @ for having read my post on some occasions, and for his vote of confidence. Thank you.

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Written by   41
8 months ago
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