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Instill good habits in children, sport is one of them.Sport equals healthy children.🏊🚴🏌

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5 months ago
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To protect the little ones from being overweight and obese, and for them to enjoy good health throughout their lives, parents must instill in them an interest in physical activity and good nutrition from childhood.


Leading an active and healthy lifestyle from the earliest years, which includes a proper and balanced diet and regular physical activity, is the basis for enjoying good health throughout life and into old age. To achieve this, it is vital to achieve energy balance: to compensate the calories ingested and expended to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

With these ideas and to grow in an appropriate and fun way, there are many researchers who have created and edited guides with the aim of helping the educational parents of their children towards adulthood, when it comes to instilling in them the most beneficial lifestyle habits.

We must take into account the creation of healthy habits, their consolidation and maintenance.

During the first stage of creating habits, physical activity should be carried out mainly through games, increasing its practice little by little while it is necessary to gradually introduce new foods, looking for indirect stimuli that encourage children to try new flavors, and helping them to create the habit of dividing the diet into five meals a day.

The consolidation of habits is a transition between childhood and adolescence, in which numerous physical, cognitive and psychosocial changes take place and in which children have to try various sports and choose the one they like the most, so that sports practice is stimulating and maintained in adolescence and into adulthood. At these ages when all foods and flavors should be accepted, their diet should be balanced.

Let's take care of our children! They are the future of tomorrow.

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Written by   41
5 months ago
Topics: Writing, Life, Blog, Education, Motivation, ...
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