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Goodbye Toxins.

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9 months ago

The refrigerator contains the necessary elements to purify the body.

Watercress: it is an excellent source of miners, beta carotene and vitamins c and e. They are used by traditional medicine to treat kidney and liver problems. The most effective way is juice, drink it to speed up the detoxification process.

Whole grain breads and cereals: they work like sponges, adsorbing and eliminating toxins from the intestine. They are rich in B vitamins, essential for energy, keeping the nervous system and skin healthy, oxygenate cells and stimulate circulation. They keep the digestive tract healthy and protect against intestinal parasites.

Apples: it is one of the most cleansing fruits thanks to its adsorbent capacity, while its fiber helps intestinal hygiene, eliminating harmful substances. Its juice reduces cholesterol.

Onion: especially if you eat them raw, it reduces blood pressure, controls cholesterol, prevents the accumulation of fat in the blood and fights respiratory infections. It exerts purifying functions favoring the functioning of the liver and the gallbladder, eliminating fluids, purifying the blood, and increasing body heat.

Grapes: they have antioxidants that protect cells from degenerative disorders. Do this detoxifying regimen for 4 days: take 750 grams of grapes and half a liter of natural grape juice and diluted in the same amount of water per day. The next 3 days consume 1 kilo of grapes and half a liter of juice diluted in water.

Artichokes: it is a great diuretic that increases urine flow, fights fluid retention and promotes liver detoxification. It facilitates the digestion of fats, favors the regeneration of liver cells and reduces the impact of toxins on this organ.

Celery: it has cardiocirculatory virtues and a great purifying effect. Eliminates uric acid and toxic waste, protects the kidney and bladder from stone formation. Cleanses the urinary tract, contains a lot of fiber, useful to speed up intestinal transit.

Peach: rich in vitamin C and potassium. Regulates blood pressure and eliminates retained fluids, stimulating the eliminating function of the kidneys and reducing the risk of urinary infections. Has a mild laxative effect and cleanses the gallbladder.

Asparagus: its fiber favors intestinal transit, balances fluids and minerals in the body and prevents metabolic disorders. It contains abundant potassium, which favors the elimination of accumulated toxins through the urine. It is recommended for kidney or liver problems.

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Written by   41
9 months ago
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