We sing to our tribulations.

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2 years ago

What do you do, when you're faced with troubles, when the situation gets so complicated and you are in a tight corner, it feels like no one hears, no one is coming to the rescue, what do you do then?, can you try singing to the problem, saying the positive to the negative problem, surround the tight situation with songs of endless possibilities, rejoice like the rescue, this we have learnt as believers in Christianity, we have learnt to believe and watch, so many times the supernatural has happened, and so frequent it works, that it's no longer a question of would it work, we are certain there is a God above, our God watching in our favour,therefore we sing to our problems.

You just have to agree with me, there's definitely something about music, that is above the normal. Music has a superb power of bringing you down to your needed state of mind. There are numerous times you don't wanna think about all the issues weighing you down, the frustration and depression is hitting deep, just then you hear the solemn strings of a guitar, or the peaceful keys of a piano, or the vibrational melody of a violin, all and any of them, piercing deep down to your soul, calming your nerves, oh you just had to breathe in and out. It speaks louder than a thousand words, it captures the attention much more than a mere talk would do, it's indeed powerful. More reason why we need to constantly exercise this power in music. While the worries of the world may be so strong that your hands are tied, and you could only hope, there's a way to boost your morale faster and higher, and that is singing through the period of trials. Are you hungry and you can only resort to praying for supernatural provision, oh there's a way to help your believe better and stronger, and that is singing through the trials.

As a believer (Christianity), we have seen the psalmist David going all through to the kings palace just to play for the then king, Saul, before he was dethroned by David, by the light I want to shine here is the fact that anytime David played his harp for the king, the king felt better, oh yea, he did feel better. So you see the power of music to heal is not readily in use, the music power to give directions isn't fully explored by us all, rather in our down times we would just complain and get being angry yet with no solution, whereas music truly have the make it better or even just render a conducive environment for you to think better.

Someone might ask, what about if I can't sing beautifully? Well the answer is, you don't need to be able to sing well, there's no one who doesn't use the full function of his or her body part, eyes, nose, ears, mouths and so on, but most of us don't explore the full use of our mouths. Apart from eating and talking our mouths still have a function of singing, and everyone has a mouth and loves to sing, so rather than talking and complaining, try singing through the trials. Moreover if our mouths we're created mainly for feeding, then it could have been sited in the belly, that way the food gets quickly to the intestine, but its not rather its positioned in the head, don't you think there's a greater purpose for that. We all pray for swift response to every of our request. But help your faith. By listening and signing to music that would help uplift your spirit, soul and body.

Problems, trials, temptations, worries they are all a product from nature to give task to our daily living, giving us stories and making us stronger and wiser, everyone has his or her fair share of it, one way or the other we are faced with troubles, no wonder the Bible didn't say we won't be faced with troubles, in fact he said categorically that we would be faced with troubles but he has given us the power to overcome, this we know and believe, so we have the winners mindset. If all the problems and troubles are a part of nature, I guess the best option is to be one with the creator of nature himself, to whom all and everything answers to, the great and only creator, he is on our side, we need not fear, let's sing songs of praise and celebrations even while yet faced with troubles.

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2 years ago