This Is Your Fate

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3 years ago

This is your fate!!

Darkness falls upon the bordered walls.

There's a full moon out tonight.

What a horrendous sight!!

Lingering spiders do their duties, in this scary house of flies.

All night long the bats let out their cries.

Anyone who comes upon this place, will have another race to deathly face.

Deadly bodies lie on the floor, death was their next game.

An axe hung on the wall bloodied, and with no shame.

It wasn't supposed to go down like this.

But your alter ego, never has a chance to miss.

The voices in the basement were there for quite some time.

Nobody looked into this, it was one horrific crime.

One by one, there goes the sounds of the guns.

Two by two, what the hell are you gonna do?

Three by three, death be upon us, don't you agree?

Four by four, your hoping that the next exit will be the door.

Five by five, the one thing you could wish for is to make it out alive.

Next time you decide to come into this trap door, watch out for the horrific sights galore.

Nobody asked for you to come inside.

You decided and now fate is telling you to die.

So now your thinking you shouldn't of come by.

But its too late now, its your time to die.

Well, I'm telling you this tale, because i have been there before.

Look at me now, the blood i want more.

There's nobody coming here to rescue you.

You took that pathway and now your here to face your doom.

I have been here for years, no time to cry some tears.

They will be testing out your fears.

Prisoner to prisoner, you will never get out of here.

You should just get comfortable, and go upstairs to bed.

Tomorrow is a big day, cross your fingers, you don't end up dead.

Six by six, the werewolves are getting ready to lick.

Seven by seven, this is your doomsday, hell or heaven?

Eight by eight, if your lucky the demons will show up late.

Nine by nine, they will suck your blood,and use some for wine.

Ten by ten, next time you will think twice before you enter this place again.

Pictures on the wall have fallen off with cob webs all around.

Empty corridors and nothing to be found.

Darkened bedrooms that have never been slept in.

Bloodied bodies, hung to drain, oh what a sin.

Next time you walk by, remember your fate, everyone is gonna die.

But hey, they have you now, its kind of a little to late.

Now its your time to say goodbye!!

Down the corridors, down the stairs

Theres a risk you will get caught, someone better care.

Risk it, if you dare!!

Eyes are always watching you, in this big horrific house of fears.

Better take the tissues out, here come the tears.

Nobody, gives a damn if you make it out alive.

Where ever you go, don't forget the knives.

The battle will begin, you better hope to win.

If you lose, down the stairs you go, and death will be your prize.

What will it take to open up your eyes and realize.

That death will be upon you.

Tell me the truth my enemy, what are you gonna do?

This is your fate

You better hope the demons show up late

This is your fate!!

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3 years ago


I am happy to read a tale like this. I turn out not to be the only one who can write like this. 👍🍀💕

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3 years ago