The Scary House (Part 3)

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Thomas, Vicky, and Daisy were in the kitchen Thursday afternoon when the backdoor of Daisy's house slammed shut unexpectedly and on its own. The sound ricocheted off the wall and into every room of the house downstairs. Daisy dropped a cooking bowl of peas and Vicki jumped clear out of her skin. Thomas just looked up with a shocked expression. "What the hell was that?" Daisy asked frustratingly as she picked up the busted fragments of the bowl. "Here let me help," Vicki said. Thomas made a comment that it had to be the wind. "That wasn't no wind." Vicki yelled with anger. "Daisy, we need to have a serious talk. You have moved into a badly haunted house." Daisy had to fight from rolling her eyes. "Vicki, no offense, but I live by myself. I hardly need to hear about some mythical ghost story over my home." She dropped the fragments of the bowl into the sink. "But honey people gave died here over mysterious circumstances ..... You have to hear it. Nothing is worth risking your life over." Daisy spun around as Vicki dropped her fragments in the sink. "Vicki honestly, stop! ..... I can't bare it." Thomas watched the interaction before interrupting. "It's getting late guys. Shouldn't we hurry if we are going to finish on time." Daisy smiled and returned to the stove. "Yes," she says, "by all means lets do it." The pot with the turkey broiled on.

Late that evening Vicki left with Thomas by her side. Daisy was upstairs writing Jacob that letter when she heard was sounded like a crash downstairs. Jumping up, Daisy ran to the stairs and looked over the bannister. The huge vase that sat in the living room corner was sitting on the kitchen floor in pieces. "What in the hell," Daisy cursed under her breath. She made her way down the stairs in a heap. For an instant she actually looked around expecting to see Thomas nearby. Then she remembered Vicki's words and nearly froze in place. Suddenly Daisy looked around with new perspective. Heart beating and adrenaline pumping, Daisy didn't even bother to clean the vase shards. She ran out the front door and caught the horse she only rode for long trips. He was in the back of the farmhouse hardly paying anything in particular any attention. Daisy prepared him up real quickly then mounted the steed. She had him galloping out of there in half a flash. She guided her horse over into town where she saw several familiar faces. She was greeted friendly and kindly but she was too mystified to stop. Jumping from the horse, she tied him to a nearby rod and jumped into the nearest man's arms she could find. Then cried.

At the barbeque shack in town, two old gentlemen were telling Daisy stories about the infamous house she now lived. Daisy could hardly keep up. Hangings in the closet, a man with his head blown off, and three entire families massacred there. Daisy was floored and speechless. "Have any made it out alive?" She asked. The gentlemen only guessed and said they hadn't heard of any. Daisy was in a huge daze. Something then caught her sight as she looked up and over. Thomas was just entering with what appeared to be a girlfriend in toll. Awe Daisy thought to herself. She halfway smiled she was struck with an idea. "Please excuse me," she said to the gentlemen and made her way to Thomas. "Thomas do you have a minute?" Thomas was taken aback .... Daisy sorta just jumped in his face. "Sure," he said. "Just hold on"

Daisy and Thomas made their way back to the cabin and talked. "I'm sure Mom will not mind if you stay with us until you find another place to stay." Daisy was on top of the horse riding slowly through the forest path. Thomas was holding on for dear life. He was not used to being on a horse. "I just need to grab a few items. I can't stay another moment being in that house alone." Thomas had listened patiently while Daisy had explained the circumstances of her dilemma to Thomas. He had all but agreed to help Daisy. Daisy was a sweet lady after all. Why not?

To be continued...

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