The Scary House (Finale)

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The house stood as it normally did as Daisy got off the horse. She told Thomas to stay on and be ready to gallop away should something go haywire. She didn't really expect anything to happen though. She made her way inside the house. It was late evening and Daisy noticed that inside it was getting dark. Oh my god, she thought, I have to actually go upstairs to my room in this mess. She took a deep breath and began to ascend the stairs. Not noticeable before, now every creak and groan the stairs made became apparent and clear. Daisy made it into the hallway and stopped short. At the other end of the hall stood a tall shadow of a person. Vicki's heart was going ninety miles an hour. As she stared, everything seemed to stand still. It wasn't until the shadow took a step forward that Daisy suddenly took a step backwards out of fright. Behind her was empty air as she went falling backwards back first down the stairs. All she saw was black as her eyes closed ........

Daisy came to outside as Thomas leaned over her with apparent discernment. Daisy jumped at the sight of him. Thomas embraced her hard and begged her to calm down. They were just outside her front door. "Daisy! Daisy! It's Thomas!" Daisy appeared too shaken to hear for a moment. When she finally realized she was ok, she looked towards Thomas. "Daisy you have a nasty gash on your forehead, and several knots to. We really should get you to a doctor." Thomas helped Daisy get up and on her feet. She never made it to the bedroom to get her stuff. As this sunk in, she grabbed Thomas by the shoulders and asked him to go in with her to get her overnight commodities. He asked her what had happened and all she said was she tripped over something and fell down the stairs. She could tell that Thomas was nearly in hysterics so she tried not to frighten him too much. Together, they held hands and made their way back into the cabin. By then it was dark. No light inside permeated the air of Daisy's cabin. The atmosphere seemed to stand still. Every now and again you heard a creak or a snap like something breaking. Thomas's heart was beating ninety to nothing. Daisy didn't let on that hers was to. Up the stairs, Thomas went behind Daisy. When they got to the top of the stairs, Daisy looked down the hall where the shadow was from earlier. Nothing was there. "It's at the end of the hall," Daisy said. Together once again, Daisy led the way toward the end of the hall. Thomas stood behind her, but actually looked around in all directions afraid he might get snatched at any given moment. At the doorway of her bedroom, she opened the door. It creaked so loud in the opposing darkness that Thomas and Daisy both screamed bloody murder. "OH FOR GODS SAKE DAISY, JUST HURRY UP." Daisy let Thomas go and ran to the bathroom adjoining her bedroom. When she stepped inside, her bathroom door slammed shut behind her. Then something invisible knocked her clear off her feet and into the bathroom tub. The sounds of her fall into the tub sent Thomas screaming and running straight out of her bedroom and into the hallway. He ran straight for the stairs when he was suddenly grabbed from behind. Screaming he turned to see a shadow with white sharp teeth hiss toward him. The hand that held onto his jacket was so strong it tore the seam. "Argh!!!!!" He screamed. The shadow flung Thomas by the jacket down the flight of stairs. Thomas's body went rolling down like a rag doll. Daisy heard her friend screaming from the tub in the bathroom. she was still lying on her back deathly afraid to move. Something inside of her finally snapped. She pulled herself up and went for the doorknob of the bathroom. Locked. Then she heard laughter. The last noise she heard was the sound of gunshots before some invisible force knocked her right back into the tub again. ....

Daisy woke up in the hospital with Thomas not far away. Apparently his mother had gotten worried when Thomas didnt come home from his date so she had contacted the girls parents. Thomas's date revealed that he had been "stolen" away by the new blonde in town. Vicki knew what to do from there. She had taken two police guards with her and together, the three of them went out to get Thomas armed with rifles. Vicki had had a horrible feeling in her gut.

Thomas made a full recovery and Daisy did as well. For years to come they would be the best of friends. However, Daisy moved back upstate with her sister and decided to get married to a newspaper editor. They had two kids. The town burned that scary ass house and released the land to the wild. Meaning, noone was allowed to own it or walk on it. To this day, it is still uninhabited by man or animal alike.

The End

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