The Freak Show

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Every year there was a big show put on from Freaks all over the world.

They would come together as a family and travel from city to city putting on the biggest freak show ever.

They would practice for several months before publisicing themselves and their carnival acts.

A lot of them went through trauma before being found.

They were laughed at and some had stones thrown at them, because of their deformities. The one thing about being in this carnival is that everyone is equal.

Thomas Fletcher was the big boss man, he paid them by giving them a place to stay and food to eat and a roof over their heads.

But most of all he gave them family.

The one thing they all had in common was that they all had something wrong.

Before Thomas came into their lives, most of these people were gonna be sent away to mental institutions or asylums. But he offered them a job that they could not resist.

He travelled all over the world to look for the most outragous looking freaks.

It was very expensive to find these people.

It cost thousands of dollars for expenses.

He found a man with a body of a bird. He named him " Birdman."

Then there was dwarfism, and The strongest woman in the world. There was a woman with a beard. A man and a woman with the body of a child.

The giant and the midget, there was people with multiple arms or legs.

There was a man with a womans body, a boy with a monkeys body.

He went through every act but of course he could not take everyone.

Judging by everyone, the best ones to bring along are the most awkward and outrageous looking ones that have some kind of talent.

If your gonna show them off, show off something worth paying for, thats what Thomas Fletcher always said.

He found at least twenty acts that he can add in the carnival.

He called it " The Freak Show " there was plenty of work to be done before the big show.

Every one had their part to do to get everything ready.

The acts were The strongest woman in the world, The monkey child, nail nose, The he/she, and many more acts were to be performed.

The one set back that would happen is if someone became ill.

But they always had a back up plan, and there was a nurse on stand at all times.

Sometimes, things don't work out the way they plan it and sometimes there are cancellations.

But through it all you must stay strong and always be prepared for any negativity.

Today was the big show and lots of people showed up.

The first act to open up the show was Thomas Fletcher and his side kick partner Amy Williams.

They were a great duo singing "The show must go on."

After they finished, they introduced their number one act " The strongest woman in the world." She carried a piano and a man playing it, on top of her back. Everyone clapped and cheered her on. It was amazing, she didn't even fall to the ground.

Everyones eyes grew so wide and awed with disbelief.

The next act to appear was "nail nose", his nose was long and pointy with a flat end and nail nose grabbed a hammer and started nailing down his nose. Everyone was in shock. There eyes grew wide because it was devasitating.

They all stood up and started jumping up and down with excitement.

When nail nose got off the stage, Thomas ran to him and padded him on the back. He felt so proud of himself and he went to hug Dorthy " The strongest woman in the world."

They both hugged and was so proud that they both made great impressions to Thomas Fletcher.

The next act was The He/She, it was part man and part woman. When it walked on the stage it started to sing. The song was " Heathen's", it pranced around on the stage and started ripping off its clothes.

Everyone was standing up on their chairs and started singing the song.

Everyone was clapping out of control, a man tried to jump on the stage to grab the He/she.

Two security guards grabbed the man and threw him out of the place.

The He/She ended its song with a standing ovation. Thomas Fletcher ran on the stage to tell everyone that He/She will do the closing act tonight.

Everyone applauded as he/she left the stage.

The next act to appear on stage was "monkey boy" he started dancing all around the stage. Everyone was laughing and they threw bananas at him. He started to cry so the He/She went on stage and performed earlier but added "The monkey boy"in her performance. She sang the song " creep."

Everyone loved it, they felt bad for throwing bananas at him so they lit candles and swayed back and forth to applaud him and just loved the fact on how He/She made things so much better.

As they walked off the stage everyone was whistling and clapping. "The monkey boy" hugged He/She for coming in and making things so much better.

The carnival had ended with many more acts and many more applauses.

Because their first day went well, Thomas Fletcher decided to give them a Thank you supper and after hours celebration.

They were so happy to feel appreciated.

Everyone was like one big freaky family.

Thomas had so many plans ahead for them, he was going to build up "monkey boys" confidence by giving him an act with He/She until he is able to act on his own.

He believes in second chances, the carnival was heading out to another town to finish off their world tour.

As they were leaving the town, all the towns people were cheering them on.

It brought back up monkey boys confidence because he then knew he was accepted.

He/she looked out the window waving in his female manner. Then he turns around and waves in his male manner.

Nail nose was smiling with excitement, then all of a sudden he decided to hammer down his nose again for entertainment.

Birdman did a dance which left everyone speechless. Thomas fletcher had to make sure everyone was seated properly.

Their big bus was continuing down the main road and everyone held up flags and banners, they felt more accepted in this town then any other one.

But the show must go on says Thomas Fletcher.

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3 years ago


It would be helpful if you wrote the year/time this happened. For sure those "freaks" did not gather together to perform. They were kept like animals, sold, bought. They were slaves. Molested, abused, insulted. Thomas was a businessman, not better, cruel and made money out of them. Those visiting those performances we're the real freaks, monsters..

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3 years ago