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There's a new shop in town. Not a lot of people knew about it, or noticed that it has been opened for months. Shop of Horror has become known only to the students at St. Marks Intermediate school. There was rumors about the store's merchandise as being haunted, or magical. Some might say sacrilege. The rumor started with a boy.

Dennis was popular as an unpopular boy amongst his peers at the Catholic school. He was not only antisocial, but was also considered as weird, one who ogle over girls. At only fifteen, Dennis' hormones were raging like wildfire. He couldn't help himself but fantasized about kissing, touching, and sex. Aside from his love of playing video games, Dennis like to watch porn too and masturbated excessively.

The first time Dennis went to the store, the shopkeeper noticed him right away, sensing him as needing special attention. "Do you see anything you like?" The man asked. "Just looking around sir," the boy replied. "Then maybe you'd be interested on special things, hidden... Just to look?" The man smiling standing next to an elevator. Dennis thought "'hidden,' hmm... why the hell not?" Dennis got in the elevator and they went down. Dennis only saw regular items, it was more junk to him than anything related to horror. "This is something that you might want," the shopkeeper points at an old camera on one of the shelf. "$25,000 for a single shot," the man said in a soft voice. Almost a whisper.

Dennis was shock at the price, for he himself had never carried money over $50. After the shopkeeper explained the details of what the camera does, Dennis wanted it now more than anything. He left the store with a mission. Dennis' family was rich, but no parent would give a kid an amount that could easily buy a new car. But they did opened Dennis a bank account that they'd put in money religiously, for college.

It took Dennis six weeks to gather the sum. He pawned his parents expensive jewelleries and withdrew money from his account. He would even use his dad's ATM card and withdrew money while he slept.

Dennis was so excited, he only hopes no one has bought that camera yet. He gathered all his cash and rode his bicycle to the shop.

Count JI is what the shopkeeper wants people to regard him as. He corrected Dennis a few times whenever he called him mister. "Remember to return the camera back to me after you're done or nothing will happen," the Count instructed Dennis while the camera was being wrapped with an old white paper and tied a black ribbon around to make a bow. "Ssure... mister erm, Count sir," Dennis stutters with anticipation. "Just Count JI," he reminded him again smiling. Dennis nodded as he steps back and left the shop.

Dennis got to his room and turned on his game console, he already knew what character he wants to bring to life. He carefully selected from his top ten favorite female characters. Now its just between two. A sophisticated, smart, and charming Lara Croft from the game Tomb Raider series, or the seductive succubus Morrigan Aensland from the game Darkstalker series. Dennis put a game disc inside his console and took a picture on the screen of the character that suits him best.

Couldn't wait till tomorrow, Dennis returned the camera back to Count JI that same hour. As soon as he got back home Dennis starting to feel complacent and nervous. He is afraid of not knowing what to expect. Dennis decided to play his game, that'd usually calm his nerves down. To his surprise the character isn't in the game anymore. Its just a black silhouette of her former image.

Then suddenly he sensed a light breeze of something aromatic, then he suddenly hears flaps. It sounded like two umbrellas opening behind him. Dennis sees the shadow of wings expanding filling up the wall in front of him. "Maybe I should've picked Croft instead," his instincts screaming in his head. As he turned slowly, dreading ever degree of it around, he saw the sweetest face he'd ever seen. Morrigan Aensland in flesh, smiling at him, she is ten times more attractive in person than as CGI (computer Graphics).

Morrigan's long green hair starts to grow wrapping around her whole body. As she raises both arms pointing towards Dennis and an army of bats suddenly appears and rush towards the boy enveloping him. "Sh***t!" Dennis screams as he starts to float towards his bed where she awaits. As soon as he lands on top of Morrigan all the bats flew away leaving him completely naked. And at the same time Morrigans hair shrinked back to normal leaving her body nude as well. Dennis felt her body so soft and smooth, as if she bathe in baby powder. Morrigan hugs Dennis pulling him towards her large breasts and wraps her legs around his waist. The fifteen year old's heart was beating so fast while he were engulfed in pure pleasure.

The next day Dennis would brag at everyone who's willing to listen. But each day he goes to class the more his classmates had noticed that he was acting like a zombie. "Hey Dennis, " greeted the boy that seated next to him. He also played Darkstalker. "Hey," Dennis lazily reply. "Did you know that Morrigan is a succubus?" The boy asked "So?" Dennis asks back, he has that daydreaming look on his face. "Well, succubus feeds on her victim's soul each time she seduce them." The boy continued.

Dennis skipped school the next day, and the day after that. The teacher called Dennis' parents to see if their son were okay. As they checked on Dennis in his room. They saw him naked flat on his bed. He is in a catatonic state. His eyes wide open, heart beating, but no one is there. He has no soul left. Dennis lived another 15 years before his body deteriorated and his heart gave up.

The End.

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