Rylie (Part 8)

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She decided to study him for a minute. He had beautiful dark eyes, a gorgeous tan, long eye lashes, and he even had the same haircut from four years ago. That boy was even more gorgeous now. Six two with a mean six pack. He even had his boyish charm shining in those wondrous eyes.

How could he look so happy? Did he have any idea what he had done to her? What had happened? Why had he disappeared that cold November night? The night of their one year anniversary.

Riley was told to take a seat upfront, nowhere near where Delia sat, which was in the back.

Rylie walked to the front stool, every girl drooling over him, to Delia's dismay. He had a small smile to the ones on the front row, even seemingly flirted a little, but kept his composure because he was obviously in class. The guest teacher told Rylie to pay close attention, because he wasn't going over the material slowly.

Rylie went right to work and began to read the instructions and asked the necessary questions needed to get everything set up. That's valedictorian material for you, Delia thought.

Becoming aware of her own situation and how behind she was, Delia refocused her attention on the work of art she had produced a week before. The little cone shaped vase that needed redone. Delia began to listen as the guest teacher began his lecture full swing. The student counselor gave Rylie the thumbs up and left him to begin his new class. Pottery class began.

Delia followed Rylie down the stairs onto the first story landing. She had waited while six girls finished talking to Rylie after class, offering phone numbers and skin contact. Delia watched and tried not to be seen. Jealousy and rage were the only two things Delia was wrestling with at the moment. How dare that boy do this to her! She was so angry and so sickened with disgust. Then, he even smiled as those girls had their filthy paws all over him.

When he made it to the double doors, Delia ran, closing in the distance that separated him and her, and yelled out in midair, where God and everyone heard.

"Rainley Farbet."

Rylie turned around with a look of impish amusement. He turned and locked eyes with Delia.

Time stood still.

That boyish smile that sat inserted on Rylie's face moments before instantly vanished. His beautiful lips began to frown and tremble. His eyes glistened like blinking lights on a Christmas tree. His hands started shaking. Delia sat stunned as she watched his reaction.

After what seemed like eternity, Delia stepped forward and ran to Rylie. She threw her arms around his mid-section and pulled him into her.

The tears began to pour down her face. She started to sob.

"My baby," Delia said. "My baby boy. My baby. My angel."

Standing rim-rod straight, Rylie broke at last. He dropped his books and threw his arms around Delia's neck and began sob. Oh! That felt so good, Delia thought. They held onto each other tightly and cried. Delia noticed how Rylie sniffed into her hair, like he always use to do. His tight biceps held her like there was no tomorrow.

Down at the café two blocks from their art building, Rylie and Delia sat silently. Delia tried not to misbehave, though everything in her being wanted to. Rylie sat looking towards the table where his sandwich and hot chocolate sat. Him and Delia hadn't said two words since having embraced and begun walking down the pavement. When they came upon the café, Delia sorta pulled Rylie towards the right and hinted towards the door. Words weren't needed.

After ordering their food and drinks, both had sat quietly while the waitress wrote everything down and then delivered the items within minutes.

The waitress could sense the elephant in the room. She finished serving then made a hasty retreat.

"Ok Rylie." Delia said, quietly and gently.

"What happened?"

She never looked up from her own plate. She didn't even have an appetite.

Rylie however, did look up.

"Delia. Do you seriously know how much I missed you? There was not a day that went by where I didn't think of you or wish you were by my side."

Fresh tears ran down Delia's face. "Then what happened Rylie?"

"I was kidnapped Delia. I didn't escape for two whole months. When I finally returned home my parents were stunned as hell. We had to drop by the police station and go through so many legal hoops it wasn't even funny. I had to relocate with my family immediately because the guys who kidnapped me tried again several weeks later. I had to have a new name and move to Georgia. My parents almost got killed by these guys to. Apparently they're criminals of the worst kind. On top of that, the week before I was taken, I had seen a murder take place behind an alley. I never told you. I had reported it to the police and shortly after had started noticing how I was suddenly being followed everyday. Everything went from there. I didn't have enough time to call you, or to talk to you. I was told I had to leave everything behind. I couldn't contact friends, extended family, or other contacts. Your parents had moved by then, and I had no way of finding out where you were. I'm sorry Delia. I never stopped loving you. I still do."

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