Rylie (Part 5)

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Would that be with dark chocolate, white chocolate, or milk chocolate ma'am?" He asked.

"I don't care." Delia responded. She was already annoyed.

The guy rolled his eyes at her and said something under his breath. Delia had her name after it was asked and then she made her way to the leather sofa and sat down. She checked Facebook and looked at Rylie's account.

No activity.


She checked Snapchat, Instagram. Nothing. She found nothing. He liked several other apps that she checked and she found nothing since yesterday morning she could use as a form of existence.

"Delia Hart, your order is ready."

Delia snapped out of her decorumed state and went up to the counter. "Excuse me."

The guy from earlier looked at her.

"Have you seen this guy anywhere around in the last twenty-one hours?" she asked, holding up a mobile picture of Rylie.

The guy looked at the photo and looked impressed. "Good looking guy," he said. "But no sweetheart, I haven't seen anybody that looks like that around here."

He looked at her with compassion. "And trust me, I have a good memory."

Delia smiled and thanked the guy behind the counter.

She went back to the leather bound armchair and decided to Facebook some of Rylie's friends to see if they had seen or heard from him in that last day or so.

She also thought about who else she could call and thought of places she could go to tomorrow to check around. She typed a mental note to check various places around the apartment complex inside of her phone on her notepad app and then began to drink her hot chocolate.

Rylie where could you be?

Rylie was such an athlete. He had muscles and could literally kick your ass. Delia could not wrap her mind around Riley being abducted from his home. He could do backflips and front flips. He could climb a fence post or a tree and swing from it like an expert trapeze artist, with straight legs. He was a perfect gymnast gifted in several different genres in gymnastics. Delia thought his moves were as good as any from the Olympic programs she saw. Rylie was strong. He could swim, he could box, she watched him at the gym several times working out with the guys. Several attempted to test out his strength from time to time, and everytime the one that did the challenging wound up on his head humiliated. Rylie was nothing to play around with. He was sweet, but the boy did not play.

Rylie had few enemies. Only once did she see Rylie get rough with somebody. A homeless guy that tried to take advantage of Delia. Rylie was right on him pounding his head flat on the cement. The guy was even bigger than Rylie. So Rylie had no issues holding his own.

Delia knew this had to be a joke.

She knew Rylie loved her. Rylie wouldn't allow himself to be taken like this. Besides, wouldn't I have heard something, Delia thought.

She couldn't remember much about that night, but she did know she would have noticed if there had been a struggle in the living room close by the bedroom.

Delia prayed Rylie would come to his senses soon. She was incredibly worried.

She remembered how they had celebrated halloween together, thanksgiving, and christmas. Valentine's day was amazing. Both celebrated their eighteenth birthdays together. Easter had been fun.

He opened doors for her on their first Friday night date. He pulled out her chairs and even playfully fed her food from his fork. He was the epitome of the word romantic. It was one of the reasons Delia had fallen so hard for him.

Looking at her cell phone, Delia read the time. 1:39am.

Delia finished her hot chocolate and decided to walk home. Having had enough sleep, Delia knew she was going home to change clothes. She decided she was going to have a look around. She needed to find him and soon. The longer he stayed missing the more her heart became frantic.

With dreaded trepidation, Delia walked out of the Starbuck double-doors and preceded home.

"Come to your senses Riley," she said out loud.

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