Rylie (Part 4)

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Delia had extended her arms with the oven baked turkey. "Mom and Dad sent me over to welcome you and your family to the neighborhood," she said half smiling.

Immediately Rylie went into action. "Oh here, let me take that." He said.

He grabbed the plastic-wear from underneath and just happened to touch Delia's fingers with his own and electricity immediately went up Delia's arm. Plus, his fingers were soft as a pillow.

Before Delia knew it, her heart was beating fast again. Rylie took the turkey and asked her to wait here.

When he closed the door, Delia almost went for her fingernails she was so nervous. Quick as lightning, Rylie was back in a flash, opening the door to stand by her side.

"So," he said. His eyes were penetratingly deep, and looking into hers. His hands were in his pockets.

"How about a date Friday night," he suggested. His smile never wavered, nor his confidence.

Delia could hardly breathe, but ultimately, she managed out a breathless yes.

Rylie was actually giddy from the response. "Really? Good." He said. She saw his eyes roll back quickly with undeniable pleasure.

"Then it's a date," he said.

That's when Delia began to fall. Fall head over heels undeniably in love. Love this good had to exist only in movies, Delia thought.

She watched as Rylie took her to restaurants and movies. He invited her to outings with the famous school football and cheerleading clicks, all to which he got along great with, and never seemed to fail to show her enough attention at the same time. She even remembered the popcorn fight they all had. Delia had never seen so much popcorn fly. And at the movies to. The theater staff had a job to do that night.

During the day at school, Delia didn't see Rylie much. Her classes and his did not intermingle. Her friends and his did not hang out on the same grounds either. But none of that ever stopped Rylie from calling, or texting after schools end, and it never bothered his friends that Rylie took a liking to Delia ...... except for maybe a few girls.

But if any were rubbed the wrong way, Delia didn't know it. And if any were rubbed the wrong way, it was out of jealousy, because Rylie was a prince stallion, and everyone stopped what they were doing to look his way when he passed by.

So all of this was a surprise to Delia, having heard this voice message from Rylie. Yes, he was a practical jokester. All he ever did was smile and play. But this was taking things over the edge.

Delia had no idea what to do now. It was midnight and Rylie had been gone, Delia now noticed, for over twenty four hours.

Delia listened to the voice message again. "Help me Delia! Help me. I'm scared."

He didn't even sound himself, she noticed. He sound haunted, as if it was his ghost or something.

Delia called his number again. This time, it didn't even ring. It went straight to voice-mail.

Delia's heart was doing flips. "Rylie, I don't know what is going on, but this is seriously sick. Stop playing jokes already and get home. I am scared out of my mind over this and I need to know you are ok "

Delia hung up her phone and decided to get some air. Under normal circumstances she would be calling her mom and crying over this, but unfortunately, after having moved out, Delia's parents once more declared with heated disgust that they would have nothing more to do with her.

Delia decided to go outside into the hall and look around. Really what she needed was a good walk to herself, to breathe. She actually missed Rylie. She loved him. Really loved him. And she had no idea why he would be doing this to her.

She walked through the hallway complex toward the elevator. She went down and exited into the lobby area where most people went for breakfast. She saw the receptionist and asked if she had seen Rylie anywhere. Mrs. Banks said no honey I haven't. She thanked the lady and walked outside where the city roads were. She decided to walk down the street and sorta look around. She watched as she passed a clothing store, a nick nack shop. She walked by a cluster of restaurants and a few bars. People were crowding the streets and with it being so late, you would think it would be desolate.

Delia was cold. It was mid-November and the air held a deliberate chill. Delia herself hated winter. It was her worst season. Still, she needed the fresh air. When she came across a Starbucks, she decided to walk inside and to get a hot chocolate to warm up.

It was a beautiful restaurant. The walls were black and the windows were tinted. The over the counter service area held a metallic look and the actual chairs were either black or white with light white striping.

Delia looked at a guy behind the counter. He was probably in his 20's and he looked tired. "Can I help you?" He asked.

"Yes, I would like a hot chocolate please?"

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