Rylie (Part 19)

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Delia was actually thinking the same thing. "That's one of the things I've been thinking about. I've been sorta worried she's lost a screw or something. Could do something crazy."

Annabelle looked at the time. Midnight. Scooting over toward the light, she made one final statement.

"Get some rest Delia. You look awful. You need to get ready for tomorrow. Class starts early for both of us." With that, Annabelle winks at her friend and shuts off the only light in the room that's on, causing Delia's world around her to go dark, where shadows illuminated from the blinds where street lamps were lit from outside.

Delia leaned back in bed in her street clothes, and looked up at the ceiling. But didn't go to sleep.

Morning came with a headache for Delia. She spent half the night awake wondering about the different prospects of her future.

She sincerely wanted things to work out with Rylie. But she was trying to be realistic about his circumstances. She knew he had to love his fiance. It had been three years since Delia had been gone. Surely, he couldn't love her like he did before. In fact, the times she had spent with him all over again these last two weeks seemed like the times when they had first met. Although they were wonderful, things were just starting over again, which mean't their love couldn't have the same effect, that his love for her was like a new budding seed just beginning to form again. It wasn't a strong full-grown tree like before. So although Delia would love another chance with the love of her life, she didn't know if it was as possible now. Plus, it didn't thrill her to know a fiance of sorts was out there screaming bloody murder, or that a group of people as dangerous as the mob were stalking Rylie and his parents.

Just what all did Rylie go through after being abducted? Delia wondered. It didn't appear to have affected him like it would've her. How does somebody not have scars after having been caught and taken as a prisoner for a month and a half.

Either they weren't that hard on Rylie when he was taken or he was very tough and knew how to hide his emotions.

How would this danger affect Delia? She asked herself that question more and more as the days went by. She already had to fight a girl over him, and Delia had never been in a fight a day in her life.

Delia made it to work that morning with a few minutes to spare. From the office phone, Delia decided to take a brave step. She decided before she got to work on her assignments to call Rylie.

Heart beating, she dialed his cell phone.

One ring. Two rings.


"Hello Rylie, this is Delia."

Delia tucked her hair behind her ears as she straightened the papers on her desk.

"What's up Delia." she heard him laugh. She imagined his smiling face. "I actually did not expect you to call this week, nor expect to hear from you until our next art class, to be honest. Surprise to me!"

Delia laughed a light response.

"Rylie, I never get tired of being with you. And eventually I would've called for different reasons, but unfortunately I am not calling because I wanted to spend quality time at the moment. Something's sorta come to my attention that we need to discuss. It's very important."

"What sorta thing has come to your attention?" he asked.

Delia felt horrible having to have this conversation at all. It was one of the reasons she walked for hours around the city and cried.

"Rylie, your fiance knows about us. She saw us kissing on our last date together. She confronted me at the park. And you need to know something else. She attacked me. She acted as if she were losing it. She said she had been following me and told me after our fight that if she caught me within ten feet of you again she would have me killed. Rylie, we were physically fighting. It wasn't just something she verbally berated me for. She actually put her hands on me. Next time this happens I'm calling the police and having charges dropped on her for battery."

Delia could not hear anything on the other end. She didn't know if Rylie was thinking about his situation, struggling with the shock of this sudden surprise, or if maybe he was coming to some other more serious absolution about his circumstances. Delia suddenly felt so much worse about coming to him about this. After all, hadn't he had enough going on? He had to worry about his own life being in danger, his parents. Everything had to be just so hard for him!

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