Rylie (Part 16)

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He laughed to himself. "I claim no perks over this situation, because I have to look over my shoulder at least four times a day, but at least I don't have to worry about money for a while. Mom and Dad bought a house in the country about an hour south of here. Paid for and everything."

Rylie helped Delia sit down. He sat right beside her on the leather sofa. His left his arm was around her and he sat right next to her, leaving no space.

"Y'know I haven't told them about you yet. I don't think they are going to be too happy about us meeting back up. I doubt they will believe it was so nonchalantly."

"Introduce me as someone else then," Delia responded, half joking. She leaned in and kissed Rylie's smiling face. He kissed her back even harder.

"I could do that," he said. "Could I choose the name? I believe I would choose Angel."

His thumb went beneath Delia's chin and he forced her into a breathless kiss she was not prepared for. She kissed him back.

When she pulled from it a minute later, she was breathing hard.

"Rylie please. I've only been back for an hour. This is ....... " she could not get it out. She breathed and then he kissed her again. This time he pinned her to the leather sofa and made her kiss him back. Heat rose into Delia's cheeks and she was temporarily suspended into oblivion.

Rylie Deight, I have missed you so much, she thought to herself. Rylie stayed on top of her and just laid there. Breaking from the kiss, he took Delia into his arms and just cradled her there, running his long fingers into her hair. She and he still had to be careful, because Delia was not 100% well. The doctor told her not to be sexually active until the stitches came out and the pain was gone, unless she wanted to tear something. Delia fell asleep in Rylie's arms and both of them dreamed about a better tomorrow.

Delia could not get over Rylie's mini-condo. It was so beautiful. It was on the 20th floor of the building. One of the best Atlanta had to offer. Rylie had filled it up with furniture to.

I never knew Rylie was so classy, Delia thought. But she was right. Rylie matched each room with a different style of decoration. No wonder he wanted to become an interior decorator. The man's taste was flawless. Each room matched the other, and all the rooms together gave the condo an overall gorgeous look.

In Rylie's marble tub, Delia mixed in the bubbles and made them higher than her head as she sat back in the hot water and waded in relaxation.

She had her hair tied back sorta upward in a sexie bun. She thought about nothing. Goodbye aches and pains, she admonished.

Rylie decided to go back to school that particular day, and Delia assured him she would be ok without him. Yes, she was still in pain, but for the most part, Delia could walk from one room to another without much difficulty. It was staying in motion for long periods of time that did Delia in. She learned that the hard way, especially when she tried hurrying her recovery along, much sooner than humanly possible. Rylie was a patient man, she noticed, because she realized she had been a handful since the incident.

She bathed and ministered to her body and would drain the tub only to refill it with hot water again, to refilling it with bubbles and leaning back again to revisit her sweet sweet heaven. This is the life, Delia thought.

Rylie arrived home looking a little perplexed. Delia noticed this as she sat on the leather sofa and watched him come into the living room where she sat watching a movie with the right end seat reclined back. She looked flawless, Rylie noticed.

"How is it that you look even more beautiful than you did this morning Delia?" he asked rather seriously.

Delia smiled so wide Rylie could see all of her beautiful teeth.

Laughing, Delia responded.

"I don't know. I just took a long bath and then fixed my hair so there wouldn't be any split ends or dry spots. It took a lot of work. By the time I got done it was time to take a nap because I was tired. I haven't really done anything else."

Rylie shook his head.

"Maybe it's because I'm in love. Who knows."

Rylie went to his room and settled in. He took his own shower and got dressed in more comfortable clothes. When he came back out and into the living room, Delia was almost passed out on the sofa.

Rylie sat down beside her.

He looked at her and smiled. She looked at him and smiled back.

"This is so surreal, isn't it?" Rylie asked. "To think, we have done this before."

Delia looked away and at the tv set. "Yes we have. I remember it like it was yesterday."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Delia, I couldn't begin to tell you how much I felt back in those days. Why, I remember the time -----" Delia cut Rylie off with a snore.

Rylie looked over at her incredulously. She was actually asleep. "Poor thing," Rylie said out loud. He went into the hallway and opened a side closet where he kept extra blankets and grabbed a thick wool one. Her favorite kind. And he tiptoed back to where she lay and silently covered her up. He put his hand on her forehead to check her temperature, then leaned over and placed a kiss on her forehead. "Sweet dreams my love." Then he went into his room and took a nap himself, wondering all the while how had he fallen in love with such a beautiful girl like Delia Hart, and was in wonder over his second chance to make things right with her.

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