Rylie (Part 15)

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Delia woke up the next day. At first she could not remember what had happened, but over the next couple of hours of her waking up, Delia began to piece everything back together.

Rylie filled her in on what had happened after Franscetta had stabbed her. She listened, but only vaguely. She really wasn't in any sorta mood to talk about what had happened. She was in such a bad mood.

Her lower back ached, and she could hardly move without some sorta pain shooting up and into something else.

"I could wring that vile witch's neck." She declared vehemently when she attempted to reach for something and couldn't.

Rylie laughed despite himself. Delia giggled to, but for some reason, even that hurt.

"Just be thankful she didn't hit anything important. That's a miracle in itself. I was picturing all kinds of horrible when I saw you go down and then saw the knife with blood in her hand. I thought you were gonna die. The worst pain imaginable."

"Awe, thank you Rylie. You are sweeter than candy."

He helped Delia with her tray when it was time to eat and helped Delia move around. He helped reposition the bed when Delia wanted to shift her weight or cried out because she was uncomfortable. He was there in anyway he could be for her.

When the doctor came in he asked her questions about her pain and asked if she had been moving around any. He told her he would be admitting her into therapy sessions on the 4th floor twice a day to help with adjustment needed for recovery. She nodded and rested. He would start them in a day or so, mainly because he wanted her to rest. Also, the doctor told Delia the police wanted to take her statement as well. When the doctor mentioned that, invisible sparks could be seen radiating in Delia's eyes, only caught by Rylie. He laughed. She still had spunk, despite being so spent.

After the doctor left, Rylie told Delia they hadn't caught Fran. Delia almost dropped her capri-sun orange juice she had to sip with a straw.

"They had better," she said. "How could they have not? Didn't you karate kick her headlong and out cold?" she asked.

"I did. But she somehow slipped out of everyone's sight silently." he replied.

He did not tell Delia Franscetta had called. Shortly after she had, Rylie had taken it upon himself to erase her number from his cell phone.

Rylie could not help but feel guilty over Franscetta's situation, like maybe it was his fault. There was still a part of him that felt bad for her, despite never wanting to have anything else to do with her.

Shaking it from his mind, Rylie ran his fingers through Delia's hair and focused on her needs instead. That was much more worth his time.

Delia made remarkable progress over the next two weeks. Rylie stayed by her side everyday and night, only leaving once to fish for an overnight bag and packed practically his entire closet. He used Delia's shower behind the hospital faculty's back and saw to all his needs there so he could stay with Delia. He did call the campus and made arrangements to obtain a few excused absences for his classes, stating he would make up the work and any unfinished assignments given later. He did the same thing for Delia, upon her request.

She started walking again in four days and pretended to be in more pain than normal, tipped by Rylie to do so, so she wouldn't have to leave the hospital early and in pain.

It actually worked. She complained of a little more pain than normal, practiced extra walking with Rylie when the nurses weren't looking, and by the time the doctor came in to tell her it was time for her to leave, she was well on her way to recovery. She still had to keep the stitches in for another two weeks, but all in all, things would still go back to normal.

Delia and Rylie decided that she would go back to his apartment until she was ready to live life on her own again.

Delia had begun to reacquaint herself with friends and family again, having told them she had been in the hospital and made it no secret as to what had happened and who the culprit was and why she had done it. Delia was told to take it slowly by her doctor.

Delia knew she would be doing just that.

Rylie's apartment was gorgeous. It was more like a mini-condo. And everything had been redone. The walls. The floors. Everything.

"Rylie this place is beautiful. How did you ever manage to afford a ritzy place like this?" She asked as she entered with her cane.

"Oh, we were given hush hush money from the government to keep our little dilemma a secret."

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