Rylie (Part 13)

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Delia backed up as the girl sobbed.

"What Is Your Problem!" Delia yelled back. "just who do you think you are pushing me around like that. You can't just go around doing stuff like that!!!"

The red headed girl hurriedly pulled herself up. Delia didn't know whether she needed to contain the girl or not. She opted to let her up. When the red head was on her feet, she stared at Delia.

"I'm Rainley's fiance. Just who the hell are you? I saw him kissing you the other day after one of his classes. I was going to surprise him with dinner and some flowers after having left work early. Then I noticed you and he coming out of the building holding hands like some little bitty couple in love. My fiancee has never had eyes that lit up like that before except with me! Whoever you are, whatever you have done, you best to leave him alone. Rainley is engaged and I will not give that man up. I followed you and will continue to be keeping a very close eye on you. If I so much as see you ten feet of Rainley again, I will have you killed."

With that, before Delia could even get another word in edge-wise, (Fran), which was obviously her name, according to Rylie, spun around on her heel and charged off.

Delia didn't bother going after her. She was still seething. Instead, Delia decided to take a long walk through the city, to think. Rylie being back in her life should have been the greatest event to unfold. Unfortunately, Delia didn't even know if it was what she wanted anymore.

Red, blue, and white lights filled the outside parking lot of the Barion. Rylie was talking to police and giving them his account of things. He was sobbing, thinking of Delia and the way she went down. Other people around her were emotionally bragging to Rylie about how she subdued Franscetta and manhandled the "bitch" after he had been slapped. They also referred to Franscetta as "the coward" because she stabbed Delia with her back turned.

Police interviewed and taped up the entire area. Everyone who relived the situation were emotional about what they saw.

For the next few hours police watched the camera and saw everything that had happened and finalized their reports.

Delia was taken onto the ambulance and seen at the hospital. Rylie was not allowed to ride with her. Franscetta disappeared shortly before the police arrived. Unfortunately, noone was watching her, but were all surrounding Delia at the time.

So the police had to set up a manhunt. Franscetta was a prominent old, time debutante of Atlanta, Rylie exclaimed. She should be easy enough to find. Her parents lived in Roswell, he explained.

When he was allowed to leave, he booked it out of there and ran back to his car which was parked three blocks south of the café. When he got there, he fished for his keys and got into his car, turned on the engine, and floored the gas and out of the parking lot he zoomed. The ride to the hospital was an emotional one for Rylie. He cried all the way there, begging God to spare Delia.

Delia was the only thing on his mind. He thought for a moment. Is this what it's like to mourn over someone you think might die? Is this what his disappearance put Delia through?

He was amazed at what she must have been going through, and even admired her for the courage and the strength it obviously had to take to let him back into her life. He couldn't believe the way she had handled herself. One thing was certain. She was clearly the one he should be with. Her, and her alone. It had always been her. He just didn't have the heart-intelligence to see it.

Rylie knew if Delia didn't make it through this event he would be taking his own life. Rylie couldn't live without her. She was everything to him now. Everything. The hospital was just up ahead.

The doctors allowed Rylie in because he lied and told them he was her brother. Only family are allowed to see patients. Thank goodness for Rylie's intelligence! Valedictorian through and through.

When he entered the room, he noticed Delia was out cold. He was so desperate to see her he forgot to ask the doctor what her prognosis was. However, her chart was hanging outside the hospital door of her room.

He rushed out temporarily and snatched it from the plastic binder connected to the wall.

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