Rhe Hunting On Willow Road

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This halloween night my friend shelby and I are going out trick or treating together. We have heard a lot of people talk about the houses on Willow Road. Supposedley theres this one family with deformities, but nobody knows if they were born that way or they became like that from neglect and abuse. Shelby and I are just gonna go with the flow and who knows where we will end up.

We walked through these long dark set of woods. Every pathway lead to another one, it almost felt like we were going through a maze. Out of nowhere, we spotted this big old ricketity house. There was an old woman sitting in her rocking chair, so we went up to her and asked her for a glass of water. She invited us to come in, but shelby and i hesitated for a minute. We were scared but the old woman kept telling us to come in and close the door on our way in.

We looked at each other and shrugged. Then we went inside and sat on her couch. Near the staircase sat an awkward looking cat. It creeped its way towards us and shelby screamed because the cat landed on her lap. The cat started meowing like it was in pain. Out of nowhere a little boy crawled his way to us and stared like he has never saw a human before. He grabbed his cat and threw it down the stairs.

Little boy: we never have people at our house because grandpa doesn't like people.

Shelby: i hope he doesn't get mad because your grandma is giving us a glass of water then we will leave.

The house started to shake and there was loud moaning sounds of a womens voice.

little boy: There goes mommy again, shes always crying. Grandpa locks her up all the time.

Me: why does grandpa lock her up?

Little boy: because she hurts us all the time. She threw me and my other brother down the stairs. Thats why i look like this, i know i'm ugly, thats what grandpa always says to me and my brother.

There was silence between me and shelby,i almost felt like running out the door. I was sort of hinting to shelby about leaving. Then we saw the old lady coming with two glasses of water. And beside her was the other brother. He was whining at her feet and she kicked him with her shoe.

Old woman: here you go girls, enjoy the cold water. These two brats are my grandsons, if you hear any yelling and whining, upstairs thats their mother. She tried to kill her sons and thinks she's pocesssed by the devil. She tried putting my cat in the fire, thats why he don't look so healthy.

The boys were cutting up spiders and eating them. Then the cat ate a piece of rotten chicken from the counter top. As soon as shelby and i saw this we put our glass down and slowly headed to the door.

Shelby: i think we have to go now, it was nice meeting you and your family.

Me: yes, thanks for your hospitatity.

Then as we were opening the door, an old grumpy stocky man was standing there with a smirk on his face and an axe in his hands. We looked at him then screamed and ran off towards the woods from where we came from.

It was a long walk home but i will tell you something, we didn't let go of one anothers hands til we got to our familiar surroundings, and we never went down willow road again.

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