Ever Wonder

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3 years ago

Did you ever wonder what happened to mary may, if she would of lived to tell the story, maybe she would be okay.

Did you ever tell her that you love her, when her life was falling apart?

The last time i saw her, she was in so much pain, rumor has it, she died of a broken heart.

Did you ever wonder what made her lose her mind?

You know she lost her eye sight, you know that she went blind.

Did you ever wonder how she made it this far, without a voice?

She was taught sign language before she couldn't see, she had no choice.

Did you ever wonder why life treat her so bad?

She's something pretty evil, and someone very sad.

I saw her the other day talking to herself again.

Karma in her life will never end.

Her dark side comes out every now and then.

She still thinks that we are very good friends.

Did you ever wonder when good will come her way.

She will never be happy, because she will never be okay.

Did you ever wonder why the colour in her face is always white?

They say she can't go outside, she can't be in the light.

Her face is cracking, she breaking up into pieces one by one.

They gave her a new toy to play with, its a black fully loaded shot gun.

Did you ever wonder who raised her up to be this way.

She's never in one place, she will never be able to stay.

Did you ever wonder how she lost her way in life?

Rumor has it she's been damaged goods to many, they saw her running down the street with a knife.

Did you ever talk to her in person, there's no making sense what she can say.

Her tongue was sliced, so she won't be able to talk, the poor girl, they made her pay.

I saw her sleeping on the street, she looked cold, she had nothing on her feet.

She's been beaten badly, i can see it in her eyes.

All they taught her was how to say more lies.

By hurting her all the time, they will make her cry.

Ever wonder how she got her name?

Mary may suffered the consenquences, she never was the same.

That brown eyed happy girl, turned to stone when they cut out her heart.

They stuck out her bleeding arm and called it some type of art.

Ever wonder why she lost her charm?

It all happened when she realized that her life is in harm.

Ever wonder why she plays tic tac toe on her feet?

She rather keep herself busy then be forced to have to eat.

Her hearing is getting weaker by the day.

She has a hard time to understand what your gonna say.

Ever wonder who will be in charge of her life when you die?

Can i have a kleenex, i think i'm gonna cry.

If this was a movie, i would be sitting in the front row seat.

I can't stand the way you found her, or the way that you chose to meet.

But, i'm happy that she got you back, and now your faced for jail time.

How in the hell would you say that this is not a crime.

You hit her, beat her and raped her, now its your time to pay.

If i cut up your tongue, you would have nothing to say.

If i through gasoline in your eyes, you would go blind.

If i blocked up your ears, you would have no mind.

If i shot at your feet, you wouldn't be able to walk.

If i cut out your heart, you wouldn't be able to talk.

Sometimes, i wonder why you lost your mind.

did somebody else do the same to you, were you also left for blind?

Maybe, someday i will be able to understand who did this to you.

What was their intensions, to make you do what they really wanted to do.

Have you ever heard the story of humpty dumpty who climbed the wall.

Well im sorry to admit that some day he will fall.

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